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The Balancing Act Of Keyboards

if there is one problem with buying keyboard stuff for me, its that im a scatter brain who just buys anything that looks cool. In recent times ive found that ive bought way too much keycap stuff and not enough boards, it used to be the other way around. Im just sort of wondering if anybody else is the same way?
ps. I know this discussion was more of a ramble then anything else but ll be trying to put out more discussions in the future, im pretty backed up with schoolwork and what not.

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I trend towards having more keycap sets than keyboards, just because I really like having a single consistent experience across home and office. I have two of the same boards so no matter if I'm at work, or home I have the same short cuts, the same switches, the same experience by and large.

I keep buying caps because I like them. I have been looking to buy frames so I can have a little museum set up in my home office. Most of my friends find this a little uncharacteristic of me because I don't typically own things just to display them, but part of what I like about the hobby is it injects a lot of form into the function.
Not having a credit card or a nearby store that offers a wide selection of mk goods really helps with controlling purchases.

Source: the aforementioned scenario is mine. I don't think I'll be realizing my keyboard dreams soon *sigh
It's ok you'll get there someday, there will always be more keyboards *pats on back*
random update of the day. this guy is expecting a whitefox keycap in January (screams like giddy school girl)
This is why I never end up buying key sets... especially from GMK. It's just too much stuff. I used to buy LEGO, and I have a huge collection. Now I barely use any of them. I fear that if I get too many keycaps it'll be the same way in 10 years. I am constantly trying to sell off keyboards to keep space on my shelf. If we're honest about the hobby. Keyboards are a tool. You don't need more than one at each computer. Yes, you can get artistic with it and it's a lot of fun, but it can really easy to start collecting more than you need.
TL;DR: Set a limit for yourself.
i'll chirp in here, because this comment resonates so much with what i think. start using your keyboards. you know, to do some serious typing, some work done. you'll end up using the one you need. get rid of the rest. it's that simple... and it's impossible to achieve 'cause you already know there are some very attractive decks and tons of cool keycap sets out there =D
Can I just say Massdrop is failing this balancing act? Soo many drops started at the same time, kits, keysets, switches, mixes of the three, and we warned them stuff would go wrong. Now I've got a delayed Planck kit, delayed XD64 kit with the wrong plate, delayed XDA Canvas kit, etc. etc.
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Reddit scares me, I wouldn't even know what subreddits to join ;~; then I'd have to start over and all this that and the other
It took me about a year and a half before I joined Reddit after discovering it. It may be daunting at first, but after that it's super easy. /r/MechanicalKeyboards and /r/MechMarket are your main sources for keyboards.
I'm relatively new to the mech KB scene. Not planning to go all out Just sticking to one tkl board, the original OEM caps, a set of PBT cherry caps and a set of nice SA caps.
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[Me 2 years ago]: I'm buying this TKL, it's perfect. Sturdy, clicky, not too many keys, not too little keys.
[Me now]: Three 60% being built, a 40% being built, a 50% Ortholinear board being built, a Planck being built, another 40% planned and finally a Full-Size build planned.

Also, what am I going to do with these remaining bags full of switches?
I definitely have more switches than anything else. I really just need to get all my stuff put together instead of having half keyboards laying around.
Quietly waiting for R2 hall effect and Overcast to release
I have way to many keysets. Will soon have 7-8 GMK sets, but i still only got 1 mx compatible keyboard. The beauty of it is that GMK set holds their value so well and i never eat/have dirty hands at the keyboard, so i can basically resell it for what i bought if i ever decide to let them go.

I got a few keyboards coming in, but waiting patiently to put my stuff on some keyboards.
jesus 8 gmk and 1 keeb thats like 1000 dollars in keycaps and much less in keebs, good on you
I think lots of keyboards is made in China, but SP or GMK keycaps is not, so I always waiting the keycaps with my lonely keyboards :P
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Hope so :P
I envy this...
Can confirm. I have 5 kits laying around with 2 more on the way, but not a single one is complete. Stabilizers, not the right switches, etc.
I've had a bag of sh mod switches for like 7 months now. Just waiting on my xd64.
Yeah my SH has been waiting for the Mechmini V1, which I've had for a month now, but I don't have stabilizers or the GMK Laser that will go on it.