Oct 10, 2017

Anyone into peacoats?

Hey, so I am a 17 y/o programmer and I have a coat collection. Although a lot of my coats are on the cheap end, low quality. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good brand or perticual good quality pea coat or double breasted trench coat, preferably both. I don't have a lot of free time lately, and my efforts to find a good coat have been less than successful. Maybe its to early in the year? Anyway, if someone could give me a brand or link, or make a poll here on mass drop that would be great.

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Schott has some good classic pea coats all year round.
If I was in the US or UK, I'd try something from Montgomery Outdoor Clothing, https://www.originalmontgomery.com/
Haven't tried it but they look serious.
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