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Sub $150 headphone

Hi all, im looking for a sub $150 headphone primarily going to be used for music with heavy bass, movies and casual gaming. I already have ordered a mic so thats all covered and im also not planning on buying a DAC any time soon (although i will consider this maybe down the line).

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E-MU Purplehearts
Personally, I would recommend the Grado SR80e. They sound amazing but they are not bass heavy and leak sound (completely open back). The ATH M50 have a strong following, universal praise, and are heavy on the bass side.
This article has several good suggestions and reviews. https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-150-over-ear-headphones/
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Yes, the ATH m50 will suffice for all your headphone needs (until you wanting something better).
I would recommend looking into a small amp (later). And check A
mazon, some of the sellers include case and accessories if you buy from them.
I’d look at the sennheiser urbanite xl or the sennheiser hd 559
I live in Australia and both of these are well over my budget at $260 and $330 respectively. Thank you for the comment though.
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