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Hacked - Do not buy or store your debit card info on their site. Received no help.

I used to buy quilting fabric from here. I made the mistake of storing my debit card info on this site. I have not purchased from them since February 2016. On Sunday, someone purchased $427 of drones that was charged to my debit card and was shipped to an address that is not mine, does not match my card address nor is in a state where any previous purchase I made was delivered. I contacted them multiple times on Monday morning via email - they have no phone number and all I received was an acknowledgement email. I now am out over $500 thanks to their lack of response and overdraft charges on my account. I have reached out to them multiple times for help with no response. Massdrop - if you read this - please contact me to fix this!
Ughh and Kelly Randall

Do you feel you have been hacked? Does your computer, phone have blank screens, hang when they are not supposed to? do you lose vital information without knowing how it happened. You can only be so sure when you have used an anti-spyware to check all your devices. You can check them out on darkwebsolutions. co
I did hear back and they are refunding me and canceling the order. The order was placed being sent to a Ukrainian shipping company. Very strange. Thanks Massdrop for your help
You should also reset your password on your Settings page: https://www.massdrop.com/settings/user_info
Make sure to check the box "Log me out of other browsers".
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about that, I am reaching out to you now through email to help fix this!
Hope this is resolved quickly for you. It has me considering if I should delete my account here. A public acknowledgement of what happened would factor in to that.
This has not happened to me but I hope this gets seen. Bump to the top