Oct 13, 2017132 views

DEAL alert Timex Waterbury Chronograph

I've heard mixed things about these, but a quick quick search has a reputable online market place, starting with an R, selling these at about 50usd, through timex themselves. Major discount, so i decided to purchase. Slowly building a collection of time pieces :D
Hopefully this was a wise choice, I know near nothing about chronographs, but for the price at least it'll be visually appealing!

Link? I've always liked the navy face one on a bracelet quite a bit and at $50 that is a crazy good deal.
Additionally, show that baby off! A wrist shot would be cool under wrist check
Waiting for it to ship, as well as straps for my hmt pilot 😃. Will do when possible
Timex makes a seriously good watch man, and more importantly, it is a time piece that speaks to you! This is an excellent start to a collection, especially for that price.
cheers and congrats!