Oct 13, 2017

Climbing: Auto-Locking Belay Carabiner?

Looked through the "What gear would you like to see within the climbing subcategory?" poll and saw that while shoes were by far the most popular, they're a little specific to do on Massdrop due to people's individual feet shape, sizes, variability in sizing from different brands, and types of climbing shoe.
So instead, I wanted to take on the second most popular, which is carabiners and quickdraws. Posted a new poll on auto-locking belay-specific carabiners. These carabiners rarely go on sale and would love for Massdrop to take a crack at it. Check it out: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/-Best-Of-Auto-Locking-Belay-Specific-Carabiners

Let’s get the conversation started!

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