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Development Boards & Massdrop

Every time I see anything that could be considered a development board on Massdrop it seems to be very kid oriented. Is there anyone here that would be interested if Massdrop dropped some high-level dev boards. Things for ARM Cortex MCUs (or MPUs), Maybe 32 bit AVR development boards from Atmel/Microchip , or maybe FPGA (I'm planning on getting into FPGA's. Personally, logic design seems cool).
I'd love to hear if anyone would be interested or if anyone has thoughts on the subject.

Images for hype.


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This is something that I would love to see. I really enjoy playing with new boards, but the cost vs uncertainty of enjoyment or usefulness is a deterrent when looking at full price product. Getting a deal on a board would make it much easier to justify the purchase.
Great idea!
I'm definitely interested!!
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