Oct 13, 2017

Q: What is the best coffee pod machine?

My fiancé and I have gone into multiple stores to look at coffee machines, and no one had been able to give us good advice!
I love coffee and am a daily drinker. When I have time I do a pour over with beans from Ritual or Philz. Ideally, I'd love a machine that lets me make either a coffee or an espresso from pods (any machine do both?) so I can make them before work when I'm rushed. I'd like a milk frother. Are there specific machines that take pods from better quality coffee (is that a thing? quality coffee pods.
MikeMD, AveryC, and 1 other

Agreed - nespresso is the way to go! I have the vertuoline machine, which makes both coffee and espresso. I bought a bundle which came with a milk frother so I can make cappuccinos on the weekend :) I think the pods are great quality, and they also have limited edition blends that are fun to try. I love it!
Nespresso. The pods are proprietary and cost a few cents more, but it does make a good espresso (with little fuss or mess). They also have pods for larger cups. I've used one for about a dozen years, primarily at work (I usually grind fresh beans for the Aeropress at home).
Just make sure to send them back so they can properly recycle them. ;) Those little dudes are terrible for landfills