Oct 14, 2017290 views

Quick Announcement - MUST READ

Sorry for this 2nd post after my recent post. Since there was so much interest in the kinera h3 giveaway, I will be doing more of those and more products including some massdrop stuff !
better, I will be giving away some awesome products that may blow your mind
Even better, this will be my first time going LIVE to do Q&A and giveaways.
more info & to keep updated: https://www.facebook.com/Soulsikreviews-242981716166695/
Better your chances: https://www.patreon.com/soulsikreviews
time is set for saturday 21st 8pm est ! DONT MISS OUT !
ZachL, SephHaley, and 4 others

Done! You got yourself a new patreon sir. I like what you do. Thanks for your vids.
your kind words are much appreciated. thank you for the support
Great live stream. I think it went well.
AKA Phil More here. :)