Oct 14, 2017

computer components for a $2,000 gaming rig

does anyone have any great ideas that they would like to discuss and share with the community.

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LCD side panel looks so cool man you should totally do it. It doesn't not even cost that much it just hard thou
Custom water cooling 2 gtx 1080ti Diy LCD side panel 1tb ssd 32gb of Ram 3200 i7 8600k
Does your budget exclude a need for a monitor? If so 1070 gtx, 1 firecuda 2TB for data, Nmve 500gb (recommend the Samsung over WD), and then it's just what you can afford/is on sale for Motherboard, ram, cpu and a water cooling unit for it.
The new coffee-lake i5-8400 for price to performance is a great deal as long as your not looking to overclock
Not really on current motherboards IMO. If one is going to be forced to buy a Z-series, at least buy a K-series SKU to put on it.
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