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Recent drops have been disappointing!

Please endorse/comment if you agree. Hope MassDrop folks read this as constructive feedback and put more effort into improving the Drops. Thanks.
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I know, I know! I stared this post when I had just joined massdrop and had uncalibrated expecitations. By now I have gotten to know massdrop much better and I’m appreciating it for what it is. So in the hindsight I’d like to issue an appology and let massdrop know that: l love you man! :-)
Completely agree. I check every morning and the recent drops have been very boring. Also, there Is no reason for it to take over a month in some instances to ship. There have been plenty of times I would have bought another watch, but am still waiting on my original that I ordered. If I had received it faster I would have been in a better position to purchase again.
Well, I've finally been here long enough to see the same watches appear four or five times. I think that some brands, or distributors, now consider Massdrop just another retail outlet.
I sympathize with the Massdrop crew. It can't be easy to beat the bushes for new stuff. The ladies Oris was kind of exciting. I wish there were more like that.
I agree.......they need to focus on quality watches and best prices on the web......too many verified watch vendors out there with good prices....they need to attract more buyers......by getting better prices...
I agree. I joined a drop for an amount ... -$20 I committed at $99 ... My final price was $119+ shopping all told $13+.00 unhappy with that. But once joined there is no retreat! 🤐
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You can cancel, but it stays in your transactions list as a mark of shame. I'm assuming that too many cancellations will result in a nasty note from daddy, and ultimately a walk on the plank. For instance, Amazon in theory allows returns, but if you do that too much, you find your account cancelled.
Jenn says she was stunned when she received an email from Amazon that read, "We have closed this account because you have consistently returned a large number of your orders."
"I did send a lot of stuff back," she said. "I’m not going to argue about that, I did."
But she had no idea what the limit was. Amazon told her it sent her a notice 30 days before the lifetime ban, but she says it never arrived.
"The email was apparently a warning that I never saw," she said. ===== Computer programmer Greg Nelson is a self-confessed Amazon addict, buying hundreds of items on its site. But after sending back 37 items of 343 purchased, the online giant has blocked his account with immediate effect – and told him he would lose a gift card balance that he had on the account.
He insists there was a genuine reason for all his returns over the past two years – the goods were either faulty, damaged or not as described. However, Amazon has refused to let him continue buying from the site without giving him, in his words, a “proper explanation”.
37/343 - I don't know if the returns number or the nearly one item a day for an entire year number is more perplexing.
I'm going to revive this thread. Wish Massdrop would source more Japanese Seiko models (SARB017, any Presage, etc.) and some entry-level Swiss or German that isn't Junghans. Tissot, Hamilton, Nomos or Sinn, maybe?
The prices have been horrid in particular. Not to mention that "Breda" garbage they had the other day.
Oh boy. Today (only one weird color watch) and yesterday(no watches but just a winder) has been particularly disappointing 10/27/17
I normally check ebay if I find something interesting. The price differences are usually pretty small in favor of massdrop.
I like mechanical watches. If I need accurate time time, I look at my cell. I also hate the ridiculously sized watches that are the norm today. I hope this is a passing fad that goes away soon. If you are going to list 43mm watches, please pressure the vendor for 38mm as well.
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Who's 'aesthetic guidelines'? I have a 6" wrist, and a 40mm feels pretty big.
A little research shows that British W.W.W and the American A-11 we're 32 to 36-37mm.
Admittedly, The B-uhr was 47-55mm and the Seikosha was 48.5. (www .60clicks.com)
I have a nice Rolex bubbleback that's 34mm, now that one looks and feels small-but knowing the background, it's ok with me.
You’ve a good point. Astethics can be sometimes quite subjective. However I stated what I believe is the state of fashion these days but as you know fashion changes and trends come and go.
Thanks for the feedback. It's a balancing act to try and accommodate everybody's tastes; hopefully we can find something that appeals to you soon.
In the meantime, I'd encourage you to set up a couple of polls to let us know what you're looking for.
Thanks Vincent. I was more or less referring to a trend. It was like it went from great to “otherwise”. Just wondering if you have had a process or people change that might be correlated to this. In any case the community really appreciates your work.
I dont say I visit often but I do maybe once a week. Honestly, none of the drops has enticed me yet. Its probably a matter of time, that I realize this is waste of time and stop looking.
Appreciate the variety that has been showing up here. There are highs and lows like any sales-based business (try looking for a good running gps watch sale post-summer, pre-Black Friday). Have purchased at least 5 watches plus 1 or 2 more that researching a massdrop model have led me to. Not all of us have time to wander in and out of watch shops or cruise multiple web sites. Massdrop is a great aggregator and I'm usually checking in to see something that I (a very casual collector) hadn't seen before like Glycine (my fav)
Massdrop: all that being said, I hope you are lining up some excellent drops for the holiday season. You've got a hardcore clientele here and I will be watching too. (No charge for the pun)
Some days are like, oh well, maybe tomorrow..... But some days, I am very tempted and very impressed. Me personally, I really like the Victorinox and I am happy to see them offered so much. Once I have one of each though, well, I might change my mind. I was ready to spend $450 on the Ambassador, but fate was on my side and I save $150 here on MD.....
MD - please don’t drop anything good. i have too much stuff already. just keep reposting those lame sox and sleepy pads. thanks.
ps: i already have a ghillie suit so please repost those too.
Without a doubt. So many items can be found at lower prices with a quick search.
Totally agree. There was nothing interesting at all lately.
I agree with this. There are a lot of quartz watches out there with interesting/minimalist designs that I would purchase if they came up on Massdrop: some of the Projects watches; the Void V02, any of the Defakto designs, some of the classic Brauns, etc.
But every time I click over to the watches drops it seems like there are maybe six fussy-looking mechanical watches that you have to wear every day or they stop, a couple watch bands, and nothing else. So, apart from the Slow Jo one-hand watch, I have never made a purchase.
Now, maybe retro designs are just the Massdrop thing---just as over in the writing community, it's all fountain pens and wax seal sets, and there is a whole community devoted to 1980s-style mechanical keyboards---but I think that there is an opportunity to branch out here in terms of designs and functionality. I am guessing there are more people like me.
I think vintage is a thing in the watch world right now, generally.
You mention the classic Braun design - they have had some Bauhaus influenced watches on here the last couple of months but I do recognize they've been priced well above what a Braun will retail for.
Also - Braun is totally a vintage/classic look, just saying ; - )
Massdrop has to take what's available, and that depends on market forces beyond their control. In addition, they have more data than we have about what hits and what bombs on the site.
As for what's available, Major brands don't need Massdrop and don't want to damage the brand by discounting. Retailers who are authorized dealers don't want to risk that status -- remember, these things have serial numbers on them at the high end and can be traced by the maker.
Crowdfunded watches just tend to be made in the quantities already paid for.
Mushroom brands and outfits like Dartmouth are happy to use Massdrop. As brands they are kind of bogus to begin with and they want the exposure. At the small end of these Massdrop can help them meet minimum order levels from their suppliers. So you see some of them here.
As for what sells, you can see that stuff over $2,000 doesn't really move that many units. Most people don't have that kind of money and start to grumble about warranties. And realistically, how much of a discount can Massdrop negotiate for a quantity of 5?
I think the most interesting deals are when something is in oversupply for some reason. These are behind-the-scenes factors that we don't know about.
And if something is showing up over and over again on Massdrop, that's a sign that it might be coming from the manufacturer or with the manufacturer's approval.
Here are some patterns:
-- Seiko and Orient stuff (hardly ever any Citizen or Casio); Seiko and Orient are both Seiko-Epson companies.
-- Dartmouth: 4 of their brands have appeared here
-- Glycine, Victorinox, Mondaine, briefly Nomos: Many drops at good prices relative to Jomashop. These are the more reliable Swiss brands on Massdrop, but the watches are on the affordable side. Glycine is less well-known in the U.S., perhaps resulting in occasional attempts at entering the market followed by unloading unsold inventory.
-- ArmourLite, Panzera and a few smallish but established brands.
-- Oddball Chinese and Russian stuff: Where does that come from?
The most exciting thing recently (but I didn't buy it) was the Makara watch. I'd like to see more of these tiny brands making quality oddball stuff here. Maybe if Massdrop could front these kind of guys some money on special projects, or to allow them to up production numbers and lower prices, giving the resulting price gains to Massdrop customers only. The Aevig thing was also nice.
Another risky idea is for Massdrop to keep inventory. Just buy a load of stuff themselves, drop it, and keep what doesn't sell, to be dropped again in 6 months.
The Nomos must have been before I was aware of the sight, sorry to have missed that...
I agree. The watches are never great.
They can always hire me!
I bet you that is most likely the source of the problem. The person who is picking these drops is probably just looking at it as a job, with help of some sort of AI. They should instead pick somebody who is an enthusiast and who is passionate about this.
I posted a thought here, let people know where my mind has been at.... Its not related, but kind of:
As far as the quality of the drops, I never like to critique who likes what or why. Most of the pieces I have interest in rarely hit Massdrop anyway honestly, but I do like to see people get excited or interested in horology, no matter what the introductory piece. The community here has been pretty involved, I want to see the same from MD.
Thanks my friend for articulating it so well.
Don’t know about my articulation brother, but I am in agreement with you. I don’t want, nor care to see a bunch of stupid priced drops, but some better variety and thoughtfulness would be welcome I think to most people here.
Friends, Please endorse/comment if you agree. Hope MassDrop folks read this as constructive feedback and put more effort into improving the Drops. Thanks.
They went on a really nice run a couple month ago, I figure it ebs and flows.
I did laugh out loud at the current drop on that lumed skull watch, though.
well said but it somehow feels to me perhaps they are losing focus?!
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