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The new Massdrop 35" monitor does not have G-sync

Looking in to the Price i have Problems with screen tearing on my PC and im not sure if its just me i stick to the green team for my graphics cards But for that price would love one with G-sync even if the product were 30$ more like my graphics card im willing to spend the little extra money to get what i think is to be the better product if I would like to know if that monitor is overclock-able and if we could receive one with G-sync other additions or changes that should be made to it and maybe pricing in the comments.

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Are you talking about the MD Ultrawide? It was mentioned in the comments that the controller does not support G-sync and so the current product cannot use it. You also are not going to find a G-sync monitor for as little as a $30 premium, but more like $150-$300 premium over FreeSync/no adaptive sync.
G sync in ultra wide is a little market unless you get the monitors as much as my PC im not looking for 144hz 4K even with 100 more but i think a 300$ premium is a bit excessive it is a recommendation how many people at this point unless its budget buy a 300$ graphics card or super high end and get AMD they have a good low end market but for semi to high end people choose nvidia
Well, you can blame nVidia for the cost of a G-sync module then, because that's why it costs so much more. FreeSync is a firmware solution and costs nothing (besides development time) to implement.
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