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My clear 60% keyboard !

This was my first time building a DIY mechanical keyboard. Thanks to this little project, I got to experience soldering for the very first time. This project was intentionally designed to be light and small sized as possible, simply put this is my portable/travel buddy ! :D Trust me, it was fun building this thing... Until I had problems here and there, specifically when one of the LEDs didn't turn on after soldering and re-soldering and changing the LED... I then had to jump the power pins of the LED instead. Apparently there was a design error and a missing diode for that point of the LED.
  • KC60 60% purple PCB
  • Gateron Clear switches (35g spring)
  • Polycarbonate Translucent Keycaps (no legends, flipped spacebar)
  • Custom keyboard layout (with arrows by default)
  • LEDs have the options to: Dim, Bright, Breathe
  • I'm /u/cryptix- @reddit
Edit2: Added more photos (again) !


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No right shift? You animal! Looks great! Very nicely done.
Very nice! probably it would be even better if pcb was also transparent. interesting if someone can produce transparent boards
Yeah that would be great! I've purchased the transparent stabilisers from here. It shouldn't be long for it to arrive hopefully.
That's awesome! Nice job.
Hey kaiden - where did you get the case? I've been looking for something similar for my 60%. I love the look BTW... Very unique.
You can get it for about 20 bucks on Alibaba. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Clear-Mini-Keyboard-GH60-plastic-Case-for-60-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-Compatible-Poker2-Pok3r-Faceu-60/32559075729.html
Sweet! Thanks a lot.
I also have a transluscent, backlit keyboard (Pok3r, MX Clears). My keycaps are dark translucent though.

interesting layout dude!
Thats pretty legit
I love when things go one direction all the way, and then some more.
On Monday/Tuesday I will share you a photo (if I get to sleeve a cable ruining it).

On another crazy note, maybe you could find another clear plastic part, with some cavity, that you could glue on bottom with some waterproof clear adhesive (either outside the case, or between PCB and case), after you had it half filled with purple colored (or water clear) mineral oil (those used on water cooled PCs). Essentially creating a sealed "tank". That would give a "spirit level" effect when flipped like on last picture. Just saying. Did someone said "Add some glitter too"?
OK, I'm impressed.
Reminds me of the GameBoy Color Atomic Purple.
I like it.
You should try purple led or a all purple clear case/purple clear caps.

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YAY! Vey much YAY!
That looks beautiful. You must get it.

Then tag me if you do get it.
- Satan GH60 white PCB
- Outemu Blues
- Cheap translucent purple keycaps from ebay (PBT for alphas/ABS for modifiers), flipped spacebar, mostly to hide flipped switch and its LED.
- Purple plate
- White 2x3x4 LEDs.
- Custom keyboard layout (Fn + WinKey disables WinKey and enables arrows - my arrows are ?, LALT, APP, LCTRL - CapsLock is Fn, actual CapsLock accessible via Fn+Tab)
- LEDs have the options to: Dim, Bright, Breathe

Noice. Think you'll put any underglow leds in there?
Of course! I'm going to put the WS2812B strip RGB LEDs when I have the time.
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