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What is the "best" texture for cooked asparagus?

I don't mean the best way to cook, wether it's grilling steaming, sauteing, blanching, etc. What I'm curious to know from "experts" here ;) is what's the best texture?
Personally I like a good snap to my asparagus. I actually work in a restaurant where we go by the feel of the bottom part of the asparagus. If it is "soft enough" to the standard of the kitchens liking, then it's good enough we saute in a small pool of water, canola oil, and salt :(. In a previous restaurant we blanched for about 15 seconds and cooled after. When we wanted to heat them up again we gave them some olive oil and threw them in a grill, salted to finish and topped with romesco. This style still had a wonderful hearty snap.
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For me it depends on the dish. Served alongside salmon, I like it thin and crisp. In a soup I like it beat up and overcooked until it's mushy. I tried it sous vide, of course, but it was this tender middleground that was just boring like any other vegetable.