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Custom Knife Collaborations: Favorites and Wish Lists

Knife makers all have their own styles, and not all mashups make sense. Sometimes two people get together and the results are fantastic - to me, that means their individual styles and design elements are both easily perceived, and blended seamlessly together. So, two questions for you:
A) What are your favorite collaborations between knife makers?
B) What collaborations would you like to see that haven't happened yet?
(Photo credit: Steel Addiction Knives)
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A) The photo above is one of my favorites, "The Legacy" from Tashi Bharucha x Bob Terzuola. I'm also a big fan of the GM2 from Giant Mouse, one of a new series of collaborations from Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes. https://www.giantmouse.com/collections/knives/products/giantmouse-gm2
B) I like both Jesse Jarosz and Brad Larkin, it would be cool to see them do an EDC fixed blade and/or folder...or maybe a set of both. http://jaroszknives.com/ https://www.bradfordknives.com/index.php
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I know...I saw that. I want it done here, so I can buy it for $200? πŸ€“πŸ‘
I did end up buying the Fortis 2.0! Really nice knife!
Protech Harkins ATAC would be amazing. Dual action or manual.
The Tashi Terzuola needs to be (re)made for sure!
one of my favorite colaborations is the ZT 0450 which was between ZT and dimitry Sinkivich (sorry if I butchered the spelling).
I would definitely like to see a collaboration between Elijah Isham and Spyderco.
Hard to see that happening tbh. Function over form has never been Isham's MO.
I'm in on this😍😍😍😍
Make the Tashi Terzuola !!!! Make it Now!!!
Giantmouse collab would be epic..take my money
I need a Dustin Turpin/Ray Laconico collab right now!
Dustin Turpin is a dirtbag!
Dustin Turpin is a dirtbag!
Also a Massdrop x Laconico collab for his Yorkie design!
Id love to see something with Ray too but with the Jasmine. I like the Yorkie and EZC but just a titch to small.
a custom with DB blades, he’s a bit of a smaller knife maker but makes really nice products, would be awesome in my opinion.
I really love this knife! πŸ‘†πŸΌ Where can I buy it?
I’d like to see a puukko from a good Finnish maker like Javanainen Forge, Jukka Hankala, or Manun Paja. Preferably very traditional and in a 3.5 - 4” blade.
Jonas can you tell me does the rike thor 4 knife the just dropped come with a warranty? There seems to be some inconsistencies in the knife
Would love to see fixed blade collab with Winkler x Hinderer
WinkleHind? HinderWink?
I'd love to see a Zinker FR done with WE or Reate level of quality.
Or...a R.J. Martin Mini Q36 done also by one of the makers above.
Or...a Shiro Neon budget...
My fav collaboration knife that exists is the RFT (Russian flipping tanto) by Brad Southard and Shirogorov... My massdrop collaboration would be either of those 2 or Mick Strider/Dwayne Dwyer
Collab with Jason Guthrie. No explanation necessary
Larry Chew.
I would love a collaboration with Serge Panchenko, I believe his knives are unique for the size. The bean module is the one I would like to see done. Being small, it almost allowed anywhere.
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Could be better, you're right, full Ti handle and nice blade steel would be great, but for the money it's a good deal for a licensed Panchenko design i think ;)
Believe it or not, there once was a Bean drop here once upon a time. Coinclaw too. One of the few customs offered here.
Hmm, this should be a fitting first post, I think.
A) My favorite collaborations have been Anso and Voxnaes as well. When they put their heads together, beautiful things come to fruition. That Giant Mouse GMP3 for example.
B) Tashi and Isham. I'm sure that'd blow my mind.
Favorite existing collab definitely stout/Lee Williams blood and thunder but would love to see a collab between rexford and SNECX Tan
I would LOVE to see the Robert Carter/Nick Chuprin NCC KNIVES BBM knife done thru massdrop!!! Please check out Dr. Frunkey's review on youtube if you have'nt seen the knife before. I believe there were only 40 ever made so they are almost impossible to aquire!!! Please vote this one up everybody!!! Help me out Jonas!!!
Since you already have a collaboration going with Eric Ochs, how about one of his beautiful Persian blades? Or possibly one from Ferrum Forge (their Khan knife is looking reeaallly nice on instragram). C'mon, we've had drop points and clip points and wharnies and harpoons and cleavers already - it's Persian time, please! :)
I’d saying anything from Elijah Isham or TJ Schwarz!
I love Voxnaes knife designs. I would like to see him work with Kizer and/ or Spyderco on a titanium framelock folder.
A ZT and Bill Koenig collaboration would be great!
Andre Thorburn/ Tashi