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Resale Sites

I've sold several pieces on eBay but I was curious if there are any sites that anyone out there has good experience with from a sellers perspective? I'm not selling anything particularly valuable just looking to down size/free up some space in the collection.
Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions!
steve and ltopper

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Maybe someone should start a subreddit along the lines of r/hardwareswap but for watches, one change is to make it a closed community so you don't have it swarmed by snobs in case it ever blew up lol
I would take a look at Chrono24 (http://www.chrono24.com/). Good site, good mobile app. A huge variety of watches for sale. I've never sold anything there, but I've looked a bunch. :)
not entirely in scope of your discussion: At the risk of exposing a site I don't want to have to compete with tons if people on lol For buying I have had some good deals on buya.com It comes with it's own risks , essentially an online marketplace of pawnshops, don't expect tons of fantastic photos or descriptions or bulletproof authentication, but If you know the market for what you are after (more or less within reason of course) , what you are looking (and red flags for said piece) for etc there are some deals. It's so not the easiest to browse, but again the drawbacks come with the chance to find an undervalued gem for selling, locally, OfferUp (site/ap) is better than craigslist in that its a bit safer, can communicate only via the app, protect your personal info, they can screen buyers/sellers, ratings, etc.
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