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[Ongoing] What’s in the Pantry?

Show us what you’re cooking with.
We’re constantly looking for inspiration from our members to see what everyone’s interested in. In the Cooking Community, that means cookware, cuisines, recipes and even ingredients. We want you to share with us what you use or enjoy most when it comes to your cooking.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE Share a picture of your pantry, cookware, or favorite cooking ingredient(s) below, and explain what you use it for and/or why you like it.
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Howdy folks! We have a winner. Congratulations to Liberty11! And thanks to all of you for participating. We really appreciate it.

The giveaway is over, but we encourage everyone to keep the conversation going as it's been very inspiring to see what everyone has going on.

Just working on finishing our Vermont farmhouse kitchen. Now just need to buy some good pans....hint, hint.
I'm going to die in this kitchen.....it's awesome.

Pull out spice rack...
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I'm seriously loving this kitchen.
What stove/oven did you get?  We are looking for a larger, non-common brand.
Here's the DIY walk-in phone booth pantry that my hubby and his military friends built for the home! Its classic glass panel door helps showcase our homemade goods when it's closed with the light on inside. It's a lifesaver for storing and displaying amazing delicious canned gifts made from close friends, plus the ones we make in our active home with our children. LOVE.
Just a note, one of the reasons for a pantry is to keep light out... Because light increases the speed of chemical reactions that degrade food.
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I love how you have you herbs and spices displayed. I would love to do something like that in my space. there is NO pantry ☹️. Drives me batty because I love cooking!
If you have an Ikea in your area I'd be happy to let you know which items you need for a similar setup.
Obscene carrots and a laughing Buddha on the window sill are essential...

Spices are my favorite because they can make almost anything taste so much better!
This is my hubby's barbecue pantry, and he knows exactly where everything is. Well, okay, maybe not everything. But he puts it to good use when he picks up a Boston Butt and smokes is on our clay smoker to make pulled pork. Haven't met anyone yet who didn't like it.
Now I gotta see this clay smoker you're talking about..
It's a Primo. Started with a Green Egg, and moved to this one. Great cooker!
The basic ingredients I use for ham and cheese biscuits and pancakes. It's my go to weekend breakfast for the family.
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flour salt baking powder and sugar?
Yep.  for the biscuits, I cut in some vegetable shortening until it resembles a coarse meal, add some sage and thyme, then mix in some heavy cream.  For the pancakes I use melted butter, an egg and milk, with a dash of
My cast iron dutch oven with the lid that can become a small pan is like my top most useful item. My biggest issue is confidence in post cooking clean up. My MIL soaked mine so no picture of my actual set as I am in the process of repairing it.
Love my cast iron.   Using it to fry, bake and even bake desserts.  Very versatile.