Oct 20, 2017

Left handed Logitech G502

If Massdrop can get Sennheisser to allow them to make a copy of the hd650, massdrop can definitely get logitech to make a left handed edition of the g502. There's always going to be the argument of ''use the ambidextrous design'' but its more expensive, the ergonomics are all wrong, and it's like telling everyone who doesn't use their right hand that they're worth less to society. I'm tired of being marginalised to the point that to win at an FPS I literally have to become temporarily right handed and end up with a migraine for some frags.

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First off, wrong community. Second, left handed equipment doesn't have a really large market and you'd likely be paying more for a left handed G502 than you would for a normal one since Logitech would have to do additional R&D (beyond just flipping the solidworks assembly file) for a product they'd likely not sell as well as their other right handed/ambidextrous products.
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Last time I checked being a lefty doesn't reduce any motor skills nor does it decrease brain function nor does it turn someone into a complete [moderated].
Are you left handed?
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