Oct 22, 201786 views

Any chance for V60 PBT keycaps?

It'd be greatly appreaciated. I love this keyboard but the ABS keycaps suck quite a bit!

I am considering purchasing one of these soon, as my first 60% <3
However, the lack of stock PBT sets is annoying (as someone else mentioned about the front-print shortcuts) considering the switch options for the standard V60. If they add stock PBT sets with the Gateron Yellows I would definitely purchase one. Edit: Purchasing additional PBT sets is impossible here in ZA unless ordering internationally, in which case it takes months :/
Absolutely. It's the achilles' heel of the V60. It would be absolutely perfect with an aluminum (or even thick acrylic/polycarbonate) case, gateron reds/yellow and super thick PBT.
I think these are built to a certain price. My first one cost me 75usd on sale. For that price I can forgive the thin abs keycaps and case.
They're actually mechanically extraordinarily well built for the price. I've taken mine apart to lube and clip the stabs and the difference is enormous.
The V60 has a standard 61-key layout. Most aftermarket keycap sets will fit it like a glove.
As for PBT keycaps, I have some recommendations:
Leopold keycap sets (only available in navy, black and white, but the quality is great) Pheilcia (these come with pretty pictures dyesubbed onto the keycaps)\
If their offerings aren't to your liking, typing "pbt keycaps" into the search bar should give you a lot more options.
Thanks for the reply Zenix. It'd be particularly nice if there was a "stock" PBT offering due to the V60's special front printed shortcuts (media keys and such).\
Agreed. I love my V60 to bits too (it's my only keyboard ATM, but I still like it.) In the event that you decide to get another keyboard, the Vortex Pok3r, a.k.a the Poker 3, has a stock aluminium case and pbt keycaps. The RGB version has doubleshot ABS instead.