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Most Unique Budget Diver- under $200

So I've been looking around massdrop, along with other sites, for a unique diver watch. However, I haven't been able to find a lot that I like, so I'm wondering what you guys think. I'd like something with interesting colors, maybe blue and orange. Any feedback is appreciated


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The Invicta 8926 OB is automatic (NH35A), only 40mm and can be had for under $100. I bought these two in May for $140 combined (the gold one is the 8927 OB).

I just got an Aragon Evo NH35 for $160, no tax, shipped free by quick FedEx economy to Japan. Did I mention free international shipping? And no import duties. All the Aragon Evo NH35s are on sale, from about $130 to $190, 45 mm and (gulp) 50 mm. I got a 45 mm, and it is thick (17 mm) and heavy (9 oz.). I haven't sized the bracelet yet: it comes ready for a guy with 9-inch wrists.


It seems crazy, but I'm kind of thinking about ordering a 50 mm.

Edit: These things have a Japanese automatic movement, mineral crystal and exhibition back, rated to 200 m. And there are some pretty weird colors, like lime green.
You need one for each wrist to keep your balance! As an added benefit, you may develop Popeye arms! Really seems like an interesting option at that price point.
Since most right-handers have stronger right arms, it's a perfect corrective. Their left arms get a little mini workout all day long.
The seiko would be sub 200 right?
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No, but I will.
This one is quartz but it looks great (in my opinion) and is $100 on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Invicta-Diver-Quartz-Stainless-Casual/dp/B01E1ZT9VA) it’s huge though.

Would be useful if you can add a couple of pictures of watches that you like (Regardless of the price)
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I like the color and the complex look of it, but I'm not a fan of the giant buttons.
Yes, good point. Buttons are too big. Let’s see if others can suggest something else.
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