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Some Fun Motion Graphics for Coffee Week!

Hi all,
If you've ever dipped your toes into the world of coffee brewing beyond the good ol' drip machine, you know it can appear to be a dauntingly deep ocean of roasting, grinding, pouring and brewing. Here's a fun little primer from us at &Orange Motion Design on the various brewing devices and the appropriate grind-level and brewing time for each — with a catchy tune to boot.
An Instant Guide to Making Coffee
Now that you've got a steaming mug to keep you company, you may start to second-guess yourself — was this such a good idea – will this coffee keep you up all night? Can you become addicted to coffee?! Never fear, we'll quench your thirst for coffee-related knowledge with our video on coffee facts and myths!
Top Ten Coffee Myths
Thanks for taking a look, and hope you learned something about the world's greatest beverage! We're a small motion-design studio in Koreatown, LA, and coffee is both a fuel and a passion of ours, and we hope yours, too. Just thought these would make a fun share for Coffee Week!
Keep on brewing!
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Really enjoyed these . Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing these! They are soooo freaking pretty <3
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