Oct 24, 2017

Setting Up Your K-Type

Thanks again for purchasing the Massdrop x Input Club K-Type Mechanical Keyboard! Here are some notes to get you started:
Your new keyboard is ready to use out of the box. Simply plug in the USB Type-C cable into either of the ports and start typing.
  • If you prefer a raised or angled orientation, use the provided foot bar and attach it to the bottom of the keyboard. The magnets on the foot bar attach to the recessed metal disks
  • If would like to customize your key map or lighting modes, please visit the K-Type Configurator https://input.club/configurator/. The configurator allows you to generate a new version of the firmware and flash it to the keyboard. Please note that flashing procedures will vary depending on your computer operating system. (The configurator is still undergoing final validation. Input Club has indicated they will have the final version of the configurator ready on 11/5/17 with more functionality, including full customization of the LEDs and lighting modes.)
  • If you want to check the full manual for the K-Type, please visit http://ktype.link/manual
If you have additional questions or issues regarding your K-Type not addressed here, please reach out to our community support team, and they will be happy to help. https://www.massdrop.com/support


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Hey guys, sorry if I'm asking a question already answered. I bought the k-type with Halo True switches. My prior keyboard was a Filco Convertible 2 with Cherry MX Brown switches. There is a HUGE difference in feel between the 2 switches, at least to my fingers. The Cherry Browns are soft and comfortable and require very little effort to activate, whereas the Halo True switches require a LOT more effort and I am missing keys frequently when typing. So I think I want to replace the switches in my k-type and buy some Cherry MX Brown switches. However, I don't want to lose the LED functionality of the k-type and I think if I buy regular Cherry switches from https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_list&c=43, say, won't they block the LED lights on the k-type? Has anyone replaced the switches on a k-type yet? I couldn't find a video of anyone doing this on youtube, but a video would be super helpful. And most importantly, does anyone know where I can buy Cherry MX Brown switches that would not block the LED lighting of the k-type keyboard? Alternately, can someone recommend a different/better switch to try that would work well with the k-type, not block LEDs, and give me a switch feel comparable to the Cherry MX Browns on the Filco Convertible 2? TIA!!
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Awesome thank you so much Zilfallion! I thought there was a clear pass thru pipe that went through the center of the body of the switches on the K-Type? Or is it just that the outer body of the switch needs to be translucent to let the LED light through to the keycaps?
If you do look at the switches, that I have anyways which are Kailh not Cherry, there is a small, I think they call it a light pipe that does offer more direct shine through on the top of the switch. The transparent housing will at least make sure that some light gets through. Honestly I'm new to the world of mechanical keyboards. The only issue with the RGB Brown switches might be if the light pipe is on the south side of the switch instead of the north where the SMD RGB LEDs are.
what to do with this:

dfu-util: No DFU capable USB device available

I am on Mac OS X
My keyboard now lights up but doesn’t respond. Is there a way to fix this?
I am trying to add the rainbow_wipe animation from Jacob Alexander found on Github (https://github.com/kiibohd/kll/blob/master/layouts/k-type/rainbow_wipe.kll). I keep trying to copy and paste the raw code into the pre-defined animation json screen on the animation configurator, but it keeps erroring out stating: Could not import, invalid format. Anyone experiencing this issue?

Has anyone had any issues where they'll type and some of the keys aren't registering until you press down on the keys a few times? Usually unplugging the USB-C cable and plugging it back in resolves the issue, but just seems odd for a $200 keyboard.

I also have one of the front LEDs stuck on yellow sometimes. If I unplug and plug it back in that works, or if I re-flash it, it works again.

I'll try to see if there's a newer firmware out.
How can I turn the LEDs off on this K-Type? Or at least make it one solid color.
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In the Configurator it has some keys with blue text - like “LED OFF” is there a way to use those with the default set up? I think all the steps with the custom set up are more than I can handle
So to change the LEDs all you have to do is really point and click and choose what colors you want, you can even just do all of it at once by clicking "backlight" or "underglow" and then flash it, which takes like 3-4 clicks maybe.

But anyway, I think if you press FN + whatever that key is it should work to turn it off. I never use it so idk what it is.

If you want when I'm home I can take screenshots showing how to change the LEDs.
Any one having issues with their keyboard keys becoming "sticky"? I have been trying to play games for a bit now and have kept getting issues where one of the WASD keys getting "stuck" and my character ends up drifting off in a random direction without me touch it. Trying to correct myself I can move around to an extent but stop controlling and the character continues to drift. I initially noticed that the problem would happen when I accidentally mashed the caps lock key which I had remapped to be an enter key. But even after remapping so the caps lock did nothing I am still getting sticky keys some time. I can eventually get it out of the sticky mode by smashing some sort of key combo, but it is getting very annoying.
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I switched to the default firmware that comes with the configurator and stopped having issues. Something in my custom layers/lighting scheme must be causing it. Colarama, I know that the firmware that came out of the box is a bit buggy, have you tried updating the firmware?

Raithmir I am not sure what 6/N-KRO Toggle is, don't recall seeing it in the configuration. I assume its some software that prevents key roll over? I thought that would be something built in to the hardware but I suppose if it was implemented with software it might be buggy and freak out when I start spamming wasd +ctrl, shit, and caps lock in panic. I will check to see if there is something like that when I get home. Thanks.
On the online configurator, you'll see in the "special" keys section an option for 6/N-KRO. Assign that to a key combination to switch between the two modes.

If the keyboard is connected during boot up, it will default into 6-KRO mode. If you only connect it once it's in Windows, then it should default to N-KRO. My Whitefox only seems to have issues in 6-KRO mode. Might not be the same issue with the K-Type, but I'm assuming the controller/firmware is similar between them.
Does anyone know how to add these animations through configurator

I think one of them is called "Rainbow Wipe." Not sure what the other animation type is called when the under light in the video has motion.
That is awesome, I too would like to know if there is a way to get that without me trying to learn how to program it from scratch.
So I keep getting a recurring error of "usb device not recognized". I can't detect the board at all other than "unknown device" and I can't enter flashing mode via the button on the back. Thoughts?

Edit: Nevermind, my USB cable must have been bad. I tried it with a different one and can see it in the system now.
I'm really disappointed by the damn cheap stabilizers. They completly ruin the keyboard. it's kind of obvious that keys with a stabi are pressed quite often like the enter key oder space key. And the stabs on them are damn cheap. I actually expected something like Ducky does, not having a damn Stabi at all!!!!!! They use for stabilzation of big keys just FAKE SWITCHES. That's all. For a keyboard on that price range I awaited. more. That's the only thing I have to say.
Does anyone with a Mac desktop where keeping the keyboard plugged in would cause macOS to immediately wake up whenever it attempts to go to sleep? Keeping the keyboard plugged in would basically cause the OS to sleep/wake cycle every 1 minute. I am currently on macOS High Sierra.
Please help! I am a keyboard newbie and I can't for the life of me get this to work properly. My k-type flashes the rainbow colours with both USB-C ports, but only types if plugged in to the right port. I've tried to download the configurator twice on Win 10 and I've tried to skip the 'may be harmful to your computer' warning but then it won't run and it won't let me delete it either. Thank you! Love the rainbow flashing it's doing now but not for every day use.
Ok I am such a noob so here some questions based on my actions below:

1. Installed Homebrew on my mac and succesfully installed dfu-util in terminal.
2. Installed Input.club configurator.
3. Downloaded the latest firmware from the web-version of the configurator: zipfile containing the folder with the kiibohd.dfu.bin file inside. The zip-file and folder are on my desktop.
4. K-Type is in flash mode: put a pin in the hole and the amber led is on in the bottom-right corner.

So how do I:

1. Navigate to the directory you unzipped the firmware to?
2. With the K-Type in flash mode enter the command dfu-util -D kiibohd.dfu.bin?

Basically, how do I flash it in order to be able to program the keyboard?

Many thanks in advance!

Update: I finally got it working! I had to dig into the ~library folder in order to locate the installation file in the homebrew folder. Unpacking and selecting this file as the dfu-util command + selecting the moderated and downloaded layout as .bin file to flash did the trick.