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Boldr Expedition

Hi all, Just want to let you guys know about a watch I recently came across on the internet from Boldr Supply Co. Its called the Boldr Expedition and I think it would be a great watch to have on massdrop.
To give you a short description, The BOLDR Expedition automatic field watch is a tough, ever ready companion for your next adventure. With a military-inspired design, the Expedition has some of the key features that made the field watch a tactical timepiece, dating back to World War II. So whether for work or play, the Expedition is here to join your journey.
The watch is soon to be released on Kickstarter but its an awesome looking watch in my opinion especially the Kilimanjaro variant.
Btw here is a review of the watch by Armand the Watch guy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNGZB-vYMuk
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