Oct 25, 2017

Any demand for a watch tools drop?

There seem to be a lot of people here who diddle with their watches at least to the extent of changing straps. In the case of bracelets, this can be exacting work, especially with the microscopic pin sleeves on some Orient bracelets. Although you can generally fit yourself out for $15 on Amazon with basic tools and jigs, and straps come with a tool much of the time, it occurred to me that fetishists of mechanical watches might also be ripe for fetish-level watchmaker's tools, such as Bergeon-type stuff. Maybe a distributor could be conviced to put a package together for strap-changer-level watch fans, screwdrivers, pin pushers, loupes and magnifiers, a digital caliper, parts tray, and so on.

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Ditto brothers..... I've made mention of it more than a few times, even going so far as to ping people directly on the site. Zero response, nada, zilch, zippo. Really, the silence is turning out to be a peeve and issue to me.

As far as me needing the tools..... I'm good. I was just hoping to see something offered up for the newer Droppers (And they're are a lot of them here....) That have all the questions about straps, and pins and lug widths when buying maybe something that is a first "Nice watch" (Which is what MD offers a lot of)

Cheers for bringing it up (again) though my friend
I posted something similar a few months back. At this point I've acquired a set of tools that get the job done, but if Massdrop put together something quality at a reasonable price I'd go in on it.

I've learned the quality of tools out there varies WIDELY depending on where you are ordering from.
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