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Christopher Ward C60 316L LE is nice lookin'

This is a super nice looking watch! If orange is your thing, man if this isn't a stunner... Just a tad big, and I wish they had stuck with CHWard personally as a logo, as it had a cleaner, less busy aesthetic to it than the whole name on the dial, but otherwise, this is a sharp looking piece! Sadly, C. Ward sells direct only, so don't look for these on MD anytime soon, but they do make a nice watch.....

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the holloween edition lol
Personally I find the hands really detracting from the design. Can't say I like it.
My wife said “Wow that’s orange!” To the leathers. I showed her this one and she liked it
Orange is definitely my thing. I've been looking at aftermarket straps for my Orient diver, and there are quite a few "bashful orange" straps on the market, I've noticed, like this Christopher Ward with its subtle orange stitching but blow-out-the-windows orange back. It's kind of like the lining in suit jackets or felt hats: you can go nuts since nobody sees it. There are bands made out of rubber/silicone like this, and there are black NATOs with thin orange edges, stuff like that.
Yes I love orange but maybe that's a tad too much orange lol
Tis' orange, but I think they actually pulled it off really well. The thick bezel and prominent lugs lend a certain balance to my eye, but that's me. And officially, aside from my former Breitling Emergency Mk.I, i've moved away from orange as a dominant for the most part I think.
If you're moving away from orange, perhaps take a look at Aragon!?!
ChristopherWard is doing a very fine job. I wish we would see some of them dropped here.
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Hey man, Schiit make no bones about the humorous play in words. I have some of the their gear, and they make some seriously nice Schiit for the dough!
Cheers my friend
*I amended in order to not run afoul of @mikeMD or any of the other community cops! 😉
Yes I've heard them as well, though I prefer Woo Audio but yeah for the money they're hard to beat.
Thanks for the heads up on this one. It is a nice looking timepiece with nice attention to detail. I agree that 43mm is a tad big for my taste, however, with the all stainless bezel it may play a little smaller on the wrist. I also don't like the black text on the dial, it kind of makes it look a little cheap IMHO.
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If your seriously interested in this piece, try this code, should give you $125 off.... should: 125CW17
Thanks for the heads up on the code. I may hold off though. I have been saving for a Tudor Black Bay and I don't want to dip into those funds again.
The trident second hand, tear drop hour hand and the markings on the crown and case back are all really nice touches.
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