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Steinhart Fliegers

Any way MD can hook up a Steinhart Flieger drop? I want one pretty badly.


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Massdrop should send a buyer on a business trip to Germany to meet with all those companies over there that don't seem to have a United States distributor, all the flieger companies and the companies that make einzeigers and the arty Nomos type companies, and while he's at it, visit Dangerous9 and other strap makers, and buckle and tang makers.

Retail for this kind of geeky stuff is changing, and an outlet like Massdrop not only sells some product, but it creates a certain amount of buzz among the cognoscenti and opinion leaders.
Me too! Why don’t you poll for it?
Dunno how to do that lol, I’m new to MD
Well then first of all: welcome on board.
And here is a link from help pages about how to make a poll:

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