Oct 26, 2017

I NEED YOUR HELP, please :)

Hey everyone, whats the best all around keyboard lets say CA $75 (and under)

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Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (920-007731)
CA $75 are not like $58 USD. If it is, I think it's a very low budget to grab a good mechanical keyboard. But with that budget you could buy a CORSAIR K55 RGB, it is not mechanical, but it is beautiful and also functional. It costs around CA$64
Logitech K65 Keyboard with Cherry MX switches feels premium for around $75.
if you go onto the Kijiji you can probably pick up a MX Cherry Logitech G610 for around 75. and you could get lucky with picking up a Pok3r on kijiji for that price too.
you open yourself up to lot more possibilities when you hit the 100-125 range. with new keyboards from corsair or coolermaster. iKBC New Poker II (same manufacturer as Vortex) will ship for about 110 from amazon
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