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Community Exclusive: Vargo Titanium BOT 700

We've been talking to Vargo for some time to create a product unique for the Ultralight community and sending them the requests that we've received from all of you. They came back with the Titanium BOT 700, which is made for the solo hiker and the ultralight ethos in mind.
We are planning to run this drop later this week. You can see the details on the product and request it to be one of the first to be notified here: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/vargo-titanium-bot-700.
Here is another image:
Tyler, YanboWu, and 11 others

The Rap Siltarp I bought is a virtual palace for backpacking Trappist's.  The quality is there and the price was right.  There are lighter tarps out there but this is light enough.  Remember shaving pounds is cheap but shaving ounces is expensive.  "what happens on the trail stays on the trail".......... Raggs
Count me in.............
adding this to my Vargo collection
I've always thought a smaller BOT would be perfect, and it has handles too! Super practical, do I want to be notified? yesss
I am shocked! I dreamed of exactly this item today. I had no idea it was in the making. This is getting so close to perfection (and "The Secret") that it is scary! Got to get it, of course!