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Paul Newman's Paul Newman Daytona Becomes The World's Most Expensive Wristwatch

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It’s interesting that the watch was in possession of (and sold by) an exboyfriend of Paul Newman’s daughter. I didn’t know it would be so profitable to date Paul Newman’s daughter - $17.8 million profitable :-)
That number. Wow.
@StainlessOnly Are you wearing your Daytona tomorrow?
You know, I’ve been playing In the other end of the sandbox, and actually I have been wearing my 1987 Swatch Classic Two almost everyday this week (and likely will tomorrow as well). I've been assisting a friend in his company reorganization, and have simply and absolutely enjoyed wearing such a simple, unostentatious piece as this Swatch. It is a classic 34mm, Arabic numerals, day date, and truthfully hits almost every button for me.
I love my Daytona, as it is THE chronograph to me, but the prices realized for stainless watches is getting way out of perspective in my opinion. I love time pieces, all of the ones I have at the very least. I enjoy it when others derive the same pleasures from the pedigree and emotion that they attach to THAT piece of their own as well, no matter the cost.
Cheers Friends!
Well, I am amazed by this amount, as it is not a terribly limited piece per se' (Newman dial Daytona's are abundant relative to other, more rare time pieces). The pedigree and provenance certainly benefited this auction, and it is nice to know that part of the proceeds will go to the Nell Newman Charitable Foundation
Yes provenance is the key on this time piece. First bid $10M LOL. There were some other great pieces as well, Speedy Alaska III fetched for $187,500. My speedy is the same reference from 76, of course that's a difference beast altogether.
I'm reading over the Recipients of donations from the Nell Newman Charitable Foundation, and a lot of it seems a little flakey. He should probably give the money to the MacArthur Foundation. Oh, wait ...
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