Oct 29, 2017

Are you ready for salmon leather watch straps?

Think you've tried every kind of watch strap around? Done the cow hide and calf and fetal calf leather? The goat and alligator straps, as well as the fake alligator straps made from goat leather? The steel and titanium and brass and bronze and depleted uranium (Arnold Schwarzenegger watch line only) bracelets? Nylon, perlon, orlon. NATOs and ZULUs and ALFAs and ECHOs and KILOs and LIMAs and XRAYs?
There's a watch band that you've never tried: The Meva "hangemachte uhrenarmbänder" strap in salmon leather.
You thought salmon was a name for pink? Here's the salmon green strap:
And a brown version that looks a little closer to that strip that you leave on your plate after a seafood dinner:
And here's one from "chicken leather":
"Oh wow, your watch looks sooooo expensive!"
"Yeah, baby, it's a little six-digit Audemars Piguet I picked up as a present for myself after my last IPO. And check out the strap, 140 dollars worth of genuine chicken skin."
"Uh ... Okay."
Persuing the Meva website will also reveal straps made of ammo bags (natch), soccer balls, and lederhosen (but no leather hernia trusses yet), as well as leathers from shark, marine toad, python, lizard, and other endangered and extinct species.


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"That's my watch strap!"
This somehow reminds me of the Dschinghis Khan non-singing dancer guy.



When you live outside the United States you realize that there are two pop music markets, the U.S. and everywhere else. These songs were absolutely huge hits everywhere in the world, except the U.S., in 1979. The first one won the Eurovision contest.

This is a cover by a Japanese idol group:


And a Korean cover:


And a North Korean cover of both the hits:


The entire French yé-yé genre was popular worldwide (including Canada to a certain extent) and shows up constantly in Japanese television commercials, but is unknown in the U.S.

Even in classical music this phenomenon exists, as with this German pianist, who seems to be well known in Europe and Asia,

but not the U.S.:


I've never heard Moskau but now I'm going to be whistling and singing two of the only English words I could make out all day long (Moscow and caviar).
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