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REC P-51 Watches

I came across this incidentally and thought it was very unique and different. Does anyone here have one of these?


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The Mustang car got it’s name from the Mustang Aircraft. P-51 makes for a recognizable model name.
The website is vague about how the watch is made from a salvaged car. As far as I can tell, the only thing from a car is the dial face, apparently a plug of sheet metal from the body, hopefully treated or laminated in some way so it doesn't rust.
I've recently posted a couple of Orient Star Retro Future enthusiast watches that I own, but here's one that I don't have, the Car Model. You can see a hint of a speedometer and over the balance wheel window a steering wheel (more obvious in other colorways of this model).

Here're some more:

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Strange, but then again Orient never ceases to surprise. Some pretty funky pieces available, like the circle in a rectangle ( CNRAF001B0 ) and some really classy pieces like the Prince and Dignitary.

Sounds like they could just be NOS condition pieces. Kind of a collectors dream, eh? Would another major watch company sell off their "found" old stock and make little fanfare about it?

Here is the link to what we are talking about for others reference:
I don't think that NOS stuff would come without boxes, as they say some of them do.

I have a couple of fur felt hats, fedoras, from the 1960s, Adams Executive brand, that I bought at a forum NOS auction. Some guy showed up in the forum with a tale about how he had bought the stock of an elderly, retiring Maryland haberdasher. It sounded fishy, but two trusted forum members jumped on planes and met the guy and it was for real, about 200 vintage hats after accounting for moth damage. The clothing was sold to a Hollywood costumer in a bulk sale, but the hat forum auctioned off the hats. I got two, but in retrospect I wish I had bought a dozen. And they were cheaper than new handmade hats. But completely different, done with a lost technology and a long-gone skilled workforce.
Really unique piece. Very nicely done, although I agree that there is no reason for the P-51 reference. The only change I might have made would be to refer to the Power reserve as Fuel. Would have meant the same from a watch perspective, but been more automotive appropriate.
I don't understand why they are including the P 51 when it is a car and not aviation inspired watch. I know as the story goes one of the designers of the original concept suggested the Mustang name as he was "a fan" of the WWII fighter plane but seems like they are trying to pull in petrol and aviation fans on this when it is clearly an auto inspired piece.
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A Mustang is a horse. The Ford Mustang was named after a horse. Take a look at the front emblem of a Ford Mustang.

The P-51 most likely also - since it's a very yppie-kay-yay all-american thing- Although the mustang actually is spanish.
This has always been my thinking, and other than some here say I've never seen anything that it was named after the fighter.

But yes - the whole idea of "pony cars" started with the Mustang, so I'm pretty sure the fighter didn't have much to do with it.
As a fan of 60's Mustangs, that's pretty cool!
same here :-)
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