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Another REEEALLY nice CHWard Bronze Trident

I swear guys, I am not shilling for Christopher Ward, but this is another really nice watch, this time in Bronze, and somewhat affordable as far as the recent slew of bronze pieces go (Tad over $1k usd). The only thing that would be a hold up in my mind is the 43mm size, and the hands are a bit large visually.

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Absolutely stunning. Hope MD can make something happen.
I think a lot of people here would like to see a CHWard drop (including this guy!), but I think MD has tried before, and ChWard sells direct only.
It's a steal for the price, what's the movement?
Its a Sellita SW200 powering this bad boy, essentially an ETA 2824 clone.
You know, Christopher Ward promotes their bespoke watches on their website, custom faces with logos, custom casebacks, etc. It seems like they have been doing this mostly for pilots and military squadrons. But in theory Massdrop could get something exclusive made. Not that I'd want a watch with the Massdrop logo on it, but for instance they could get an existing watch done up in colors that aren't available on the open market.
Or maybe a Christopher Ward glowing skull model? In bronze.
At one time, there was discussion in the community of Massdrop eventually trying to offer a custom product that was reflective of input from the community as a whole. This seems to have lost interest and traction long ago though.
It probably wouldn't work. There'd need to be some sort of commitment/prepayment process, and you probably couldn't get enough members with similar taste who could agree on something.
Looking at it again if they did it in a bronze band it would rock as it'd patina with the case 👍
Since bronze makes your skin green, bronze watches have stainless steel backs. But for a bracelet none of the current designs would allow for simply swapping in bronze while keeping it away from your skin. If someone developed a bimetal bracelet design with bronze on the outside and stainless steel in the inside, it could work, but maybe the bronze watch market at this point is too small. It's a pity. Such a bracelet would probably also be expensive, since making the links would be a much more complicated process.
That's an interesting one stainless. It has a yacht master flair to it. If prefer a cw rather than the long name but I like the colour combo. Cheers.
Yeah the whole name on the dial makes it too busy
Christopher Ward has been doing some great stuff recently. I picked up a C9 Moonphase for my brother's birthday and he loves it, it looks sharp in person and the construction is pretty solid.
He also had an issue with the date window and their support was fantastic; really quick to respond and the service was free except for shipping.
That navy/bronze color, though...
This is much more my speed than all the orange on the last one.
sharp, yes, really, it sort of reminds of the blue jeans out of order watch , though this cw is a much more substantial piece (I do like the artificial distressing and oxidation they apply to their cases and watches in general though, gives them 'instant tool watch' feel)
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