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What is you're opinion on my build?

I am building a new gaming PC fairly soon and I'm on a tight budget of $1,000. Im looking into using Ryzen 5 as AMD has never failed me in the past. But with that being said please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thank you!
UPDATE: I have since purchased a 120 GB ssd to use as a boot drive and for a few games or whatever else I can fit on there.
Here is a link to my build:

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I think you should check out some combo deals on newegg since you are building a new system like this Or this
there are other deals as well you totally check them out and find the one best suit u
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I thought you were me for a second. Haha
Hahah I got so confused reading this again John246
Currently you can get a combo of your CPU and motherboard on newegg for slightly cheaper
Sweet ill check it out thanks man
if you would be willing to go with a non modular psu and 8gb of single channel RAM (which could be easily upgraded to 16gb in the future) then you would be able to squeeze in a gtx 1070 or 1070 ti and remain within budget. You could also get windows 10 from kinguin to save an additional $80, these keys do not always work, however as long as you get it with buyer protect the customer service is good and will get you a new key reasonable promptly
get a ssd (if you care)
I have since bought a 120 gb ssd
Maybe Get a motherboard with onboard wifi or get a PCIE wifi card instead of USB one
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My router is on the complete other side of the house thats the only reason I dont do that
i dont think it matters. As long the house is not super old it is fine. Plus it goes through your power so it has more consistent and fewer dips. I don't use it because I'm in an Apartment so the wires might have to go through a longer distanc. If I was in a house I would totally use power line adapters
i think that that is a solid build
Thank you!
May be able to drop down to 8GB RAM to cover a 120GB SSD then come back and buy another 8GB RAM later on. However 120GB SSD is very small and you'd most likely need a HD on side for storage.
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I’ll look into it I appreciate it a lot!
You can get a windows 10 key at kinguin for $30.
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I do not have the student version. For kinguin you have to download windows 10 on a flash drive which is free from microsoft then you have to buy the key on kinguin and everything works normally.
Awesome thank you!
I'd buy a Seasonic PSU instead, they are always reliable. Corsair usually just rebrands PSUs, I'd check the PSU tier list 2.0 at tom's hardware for more info. I'd also buy the windows cheaper (there are keys for like 10-20$ on some sites) Then I'd get an s340 elite / buy a very cheap case and a 1070 hopefully / a 120GB ssd for windows and programs only But I mean most of these parts you can get used and save a lot of money for a better gpu/case/whatever.
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