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Anyone have any experience with Vincero Watches?

Yes, most of their models are quartz, but they seem reasonably priced. The marble case back is what draws me to them, pretty unique yet somehow not tacky. Normally i'd just look up a review on youtube but I don't see any sources i would trust, so here i am :D
I gravitating towards the chrono s or kairos.

ltopper and delnerdo

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The automatics w myota innards are interesting , but if i was going To get a quartz watch that isn't a beater , i would probably look to get a used ebel, or concord , or universal
Was really considering one because of the cheap price and the specs for the watch (top grain leather, crystal case) seemed really nice for the price. But you also have to think, there has to be something up if its that good. Too good to be true.
I found this forum post asking about Vincero. If you open the link, you can see. Or just read my summary. Someone replied, and said they got the blue watch. The one he recieved (he posted a pic as well) was A LOT more purple than blue. The steel looked dull. Totally different from the watch pictured. He said he spoke with customer support, and when shown that exact picture he posted, they saw NOTHING wrong.
I was looking up youtube reviews, and a few people commented that they recieved theres DOA. Vincero wouldnt help. They were able to get it fixed at a watch store, but still. Company directy sold them a unit, which was DOA, and they just shrugged their shoulders.
I found some indian website with a bunch of is an indian website. But the reviews were very repetitive. Watch stopped working after a year, vincero would not fix them.
Shame, I really did like the blue dial, that's what drew me to them in the first place.
Thanks for the info 👍
Man...I was close to pulling the trigger on one of their automatic watches, but now I'm second guessing it...
Thanks for the info!
Yes, i have them both, and they are well build and for the price, they are a still.

How accurate are they? As long as they don't lose minutes per day, I may just get one. It's one of these or an orient bambino gen 4 next paycheck
They are accurate, i haven't set them up since i have got them 1 + year ago, between these or orient as a dress watch, i would go on the bambino 2nd gen, for being smaller then the 4th gen
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