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Good cheap 60%?

I've just started looking at custom keyboards and caps. I own a Roccat Ryos MK FX that i love and am looking at keycaps for it. I also have been thinking of buying a prebuilt 60% board that I could put some keycaps on and just wanted to know of some good brands/price ranges

Magicforce 68. Entry level is 40usd on Amazon. No back light but great starter. I own two, one I got on MD with gateron greens and backlight the other I rebuilt into a MF68 QMK with Outemu purple switches.
New Poker II by IKBC is right one the edge of "cheap" and "mid range" but i find the programmable Macros well worth its value
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They advertise a $4 coupon when you first sign up so you're literally stealing it from them
Down side to Ali is they want you to fax your driver's license and credit card to them to open a new account. It sucks.
Lots of people love the Anne Pro. Way more cost effective than most 60% boards
Damn that's cheap
My friend has the Anne Pro with the black and purple PBT caps from Tai Hao. Just a recommendation if you like those colors. He really likes them
The Ryos MK FX has a non-standard 'gaming' bottom row (a lot of 'gaming' keyboards seem to have the same bottom row), which means most keycap sets will not fit completely.
If you're looking for a prebuilt 60% keyboard, I have a few suggestions:
Anne Pro (bluetooth connectivity, RGb lighting) V60 Type R Polestar (RGB underglow and full programmability, available on MD right now) Pok3r RGB (aluminium case, RGB lighting, programmability)
Thanks for the suggestions. I had already noticed the bottom row and I'm planning on replacing just the alphanumerics. Edit: Now I'm planning on getting the white ANNE Pro (and a new set of caps for it) and then putting the white caps onto the Ryos MK