Nov 6, 201764 views

My keyboard RN

I own a slightly customized Roccat RYOS MK RGB that's pretty neat
I took the clear caps off a WASD switch sampler and put some light behind them and I'm satisfied with the results.

It would look something like this w/ colored caps:

Planning on building a 60% board in the future but I'm also building a PC atm so probably not soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That's a good start, I started out with a Logitech g710 with cherry mx blues and I fell in love with it. Then I got a Ducky Shine 5 and was blown away at the quality difference. That's when I started in to Keycaps...My first set was $50 USD. Now I have 3 custom keycap sets totaling $600 USD, a KBP v60 Mini, and a TADA68. I gave my two original ones to friends and now at least one of them is hooked too. xD - he has the Shine 5 with a few clear keys like you. Have fun!