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Knife storage

Wondering what folks recommend for folding knife storage. My undie drawer is getting full and it is probably time to invest in a dedicated storage solution.

I have a display case that was handed down to me along with her knife collection from my grandmother. It's probably from the 50's-60's... my wonderful wife bought me a modern one for my bday last year since my old one was over flowing...
BUT, regardless of what you get or use my number one recommendation is get you many silica gel packets. I live in Florida so humidity is a issue. I take great care of my MANY knives, keeping them all clean and oiled, but putting gel packets in with them is a very low cost, effortless and efficient way to help keep any corrosion or rust from building up on any of them.
I built a box and filled it with layers of exercise puzzle mat, which I cut with an Olfa knife to create a grid of holes into which to stick the knives. Used a template to keep the holes aligned between layers. I think the holes were 0.5"x1.5", about 4.5" deep. Weirdest part was running out ofsharp Olfa blades (this stuff it hard to cut), and having to actually go back and sharpen those tiny little suckers.
I could have used pick-and-pluck foam, but that stuff tends to degrade over time, and I'd rather not have to clean depolymerized goo/dust out of the knives. Also, it was kinda expensive to get a chunk of it big enough for my purposes.
In retrospect, it would have been less of a PITA to just buy a Pelican case of similar dimensions; probably cheaper too (I used jatoba and maple - not the cheapest woods - plus it took ages to finish). This is one of those situations where you start off thinking you're saving money, but in the end you find you've paid for it (or more) somehow or other.
However, ain't no Pelican looks this purty, if I do say so myself...
I also stuck a couple large silica packets in two of the middle holes to keep things dry.

That’s amazing! If you have the time and skills, DIY is usually best (though not fastest or cheapest)
It was really fun to build. I felt like I wanted something a little more special and personal than a plastic box would have been.
If I were to do it again I think maybe I'd choose a less challenging material. Probably walnut. Jatoba has a really tricky "knitted" quality to the grain, which made it tough to cut, and resulted in too much tearout at the edges. Meant I had to do some butt joints where I wanted rabbits, but then again this thing isn't exactly subjected to a lot of stress, so it should be ok :)
My desk is just littered with knives and other crap. :D
Check out
I actually use a small 3 drawer Husky toolbox to store all of my "edc" gear...kinves, watches, carry gun and other random pocket stuff. It works great, but it has been relegated to the floor of the closet because it's not the exact decor we're going for in the master bedroom. Haha
I use a Kershaw z997, think it holds about 18. Honestly I don't have 18 in mine so I can't speak to the case at max capacity. Works well for me, take out a few knives for a while and toss the bag in my gun safe. All my knives are 3- inch blades(good old City laws), you might get in a problem if you fancy 4(+) inch blades with large handles.