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Orient Sentinel

It looks like the Orient Sentinel is out of stock almost everywhere (including on the Orient website). Was the watch discontinued? I was really hoping to get the version with a silver-white dial during the last drop but didn't join in time.

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Maybe if the Sentinel silver-white doesn't make a return, you can settle for this one (WV0821ER):


Not quite a dress watch, though.
I contacted Orient and they told me that the watch was a part of a seasonal collection and is discontinued. What a bummer.
I think the Sentinel is a relatively new model in the Orient range, and doubt that it has been discontinued this quickly, and I don’t recall seeing it as an LE either.
I do know that Orients distributor in the United States, Orient Watch USA, seem to behave more like a third party distributor with rights to the products, and not like a true extension of the manufacturer Itself. This is based on my interactions with them directly with the Orients I have owned, and is not necessarilya bad thing. It just seems like they work within the parameters of what they are given, including inventory levels, stock, and service, and a degree of “is what it is” type feedback.
Hopefully they will show sooner rather than later.
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