Nov 9, 2017

Windows 10 Student Edition

Im looking into getting Windows 10 Student Edition as I can get it for free and I was wondering if anyone has used it or currently has it? I was wondering how similar it is to say Windows 10 Home. I would be using the pc for gaming and college work primarily. Thank for your response!

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Gavyn, Windows 10 S is crap, but the real "student edition" is actually Windows 10 Education which is equivalent to Windows 10 Enterprise. Im running the Education version at home. I got a nice discount through my employer ($10 for a license).
I’ll have to check it out cause Im definitely not wanting to spend 100 bucks on my os
Student edition is not what you want to get. It's just horrible all around. Here's a former microsoft programer talking about it
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no joke and the fact that i am having to jump through hoops just to keep the system from self updating now that they just overhauled windows 10 should say something. if you are a university student I would talk to whomever you need to about getting access to your school's Microsoft Imagine portal. you can down load windows 10 from there.
also the way Microsoft is going, we may soon not be able to install the programs that we want to. also don't rely on just one anti virus software, Get a Malware, Spyware, and virus software. 3 softwares not just relying on one.
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