Nov 10, 2017


hey, dose anyone have any recomendations on a one man tent as i am due to go camping in 1 month and i have just got out my old one men tent and it has a massive rip in the side and i need a new one. does anyone have any recomendation for a one man tent under £100?

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You'd probably be looking for a Kelty with that budget.

2 good options:
- Rover ($90):
- Salida ($135):

Another option would be a bevy sack... minimal, but would work.
- OR Molecule ($90):
- OR Bug Bivy ($120):

This post is a bit old... what did you end up getting?
I am also interested in this. I found out that the walmart brand is worthless.
I'm personally biased towards anything made by Big Agnes. I love my two man Copper Spur and have no doubt the one man version would be fabulous too.
Agree on the Big Agnes but may be tough to get one in that price range and their 1-man tents will be very tight. I use the 2-man Fly Creek for my BP tent and have been happy but that runs significantly north of your budget.
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