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Phoibos Wave master Diver

so I've seen Phoibos before on review vids but most of their stuff was Rolex or Omega homages, which is fine imo. I just never sought after either cause they're both clearly out of my budget (Rolex and Omega), but apparently the company is releasing a self designed diver, that is 42mm case diameter.
Renders look pretty sweet and they even did a logo change. I assume all the blue will be lume.
Any of you think you might pick this up? i just might
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Definitely. Also like the green wave dial. :)
It’s nice looking. When I diver goes without shoulders, I think it looks sharp. And they are using BGW9 for the lume, so it should look pretty sharp glowing.
If you grab one, post it!
I definitely plan to. I'm just waiting a couple paychecks :)
Nice, I'd have to see a side view. It seems that 42 mm is the sweet spot for dive watch projects, but I prefer 45 mm, especially on a bracelet, where it's a bit loose and you're rarely looking at it straight down on your wrist.
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I was on mobile and at work lol. I was just being lazy 😂
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