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Knife Recommendation

I got a CRKT M16 10KZ not too long ago. I really like the look, blade length, overall length, weight, and how the knife is not bulky. All the detailed specs can be seen in the link below.

I have not used it much and the blade is already starting to poop out on me (it does have a lifetime warranty). I would love some recommendations for a good knife that meets the following criteria
  • Good steel
  • Not too long
  • $50 and under
  • Not bulky
  • Folds
UPDATE: I decided to buy a black Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent S35VN
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CRKT M16 was the knife that started my addiction with flippers. I just got home from the Navy and had a lot of energy and this knife helped with my focus
Any Ganzo.
Factor Equipment Iconic in S35VN, there's a discount code out there for it so it's well under the normal cost for a knife of it's construction.
Ontario Rat model 1 or 2 in D2 steel it’s hands down the best budget knife ever. if you want something different go for the cold steel tuff or a kershaw knockout
I am glad I ordered the CRKT 'Batum' compact when Massdrop had it. I usually go with CRKT M16 style knives, but I really like the Batum, and my Kershaw Skyline and Hotwire. I'll be surprised if you don't approve of one of these. Let us know what make and model you choose.
Erickong I’ve had good luck with Spyderco, but Benchmade also makes some good knifes and they’re guaranteed as long as you let them do the repairs !! I carry one like this ( pictured ) at the moment, but I carry different EDC knifes depend on the use !! Hope this helps you 😊
CRKT HI JINX designed by Ken Onion. If you ask me this is probably the best bang for your buck at $50.00. It may not be the best steel as far as blades go but if you look at the entire package as far as the design and materials used it's one heck of a deal. I have several knives, about half of them are mid tech, I have yet to purchase a full on custom. That being said I still find myself grabbing my HI JINX at least a couple of times a week. One of the main reasons I carry this knife on a regular basis is that it has the IKBS ball bearing system that makes for smooth flipping all day long as I often find myself playing with my knives during the day. A lot if not most of the knives in this price range come with some sort of a assisted opening blade which I personally don't like. You will be hard pressed to find any high end knives that use a assisted opening blade, they almost all come with some type of ball bearing or washer system that allows the blade to open manually with super smooth action. Because this knife uses the IKBS ball bearing system I can't help but to give it an excellent review, plus it's a Ken Onion design and that speaks for itself. I believe that that this design won Ken Onion the Blade of the year back in 2014, check it out, you will love it. Here is a good link that gives you an excellent rundown on the HI JINX and what you get for the reasonable cost of $50.00.
CRKT is coming out with the M16 in the much better steel, Sandvik 12C27: Since you already have a CRKT tanto and like it, you may like this one just as much.
Apart from that, I'd suggest the RAT 2 (or RAT 1 for a slightly larger option) in D2 steel like many others here have suggested already.
I'm so glad I got an Ontario Rat 1 a few months back. I'll pay the extra $10 for the D2 when I see one.
I bought mine in 2003. Its great.
The Skyline and Leek are great knives, another one worth considering is the Buck Vantage. It comes in a wide variety of grip/blade configurations and has a nice clip.
It doesn't matter what knife you buy. Unless you can sharpen it, it will dull.
You can't go wrong with Kershaw Skyline. It's a beast. Easy to carry, easy to care for and easy to sharpen.
If you can wait the Ontario Rat 2 in D2 steel is about to be released.
I swear by the Kershaw Blur.
I would say just get a Kershaw blade. Personally I like the Leek, and the Sandvik 14C28N steel.
It's out of the price range, but if you'd like better steel you can get this version w/ D2.
the leek used to be my EDC, but now I carry the Benchmade 940 with s30v and G10 handle
Learn to sharpen your knife.
The Elaphant in the room for all knife nuts, sharpening! But ya don't need elaborate set ups to sharpen. First ,strop that thang and total re sharpening doesn't have to be done as often.
Great recommendations below! I'll wholeheartedly endorse the Rat 2 and Zancudo - I've owned both and would give a slight edge to the Rat 2, as the Zancudo's frame lock was very difficult to break in. The Skyline is a joy to carry and use. Jumping on the Kershaw bandwagon, the USA-made Link and Dividend are worth a look (and for a bit more, House of Blades sells a S35VN Link for a phenomenal $89!). If you plan lighter use for your blade, the Kershaw-Al Mar line is nicely done (slim, light, good finishing) and priced really well. You can find some great bargains on Kershaw cosmetic blems and discontinued models at
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And if you like something a little smaller, I see Kershawguy now has the Dividend in M390 for only $70 w/ free shipping!
That is a screaming deal! My M390 Dividend must wait until after Christmas. Stupid holidays, getting in the way of buying myself gifts!
Surprised no one has mentioned the Kershaw Blur
Great knife, but recurve blades are harder to sharpen and that makes that a hard entry point for people just getting started in the hobby. If you own one and have a good method for sharpening, I'm sure others would be glad to see it.
This is really the age old question. I am gonna try to not go full nerd here. The Kizer Vigor drop is a great option right now, and is BY FAR the best bang for your buck out of all of the knives I list. I do not own a Vigor and I have never handled one. That aside Kizer is a great manufacturer and it is the best steel in the price range you have given.
Right now on Massdrop I think the Kizer vigor is an excellent option.
Outside of Massdrop. General hard use EDC under $50. This would be my run down.
Ontario Rat 2, they run around $30 ish pretty much everywhere. AUS 8 steel, which is well respected as a budget blade material. Also a fairly reputable and well respected company in the community. The Rat series is a staple in the EDC community, for good reason. They are great knives.
Esee Zancudo, basically an upgraded Rat 2 in D2 steel for only a few bucks more. Get the Rat 2, honestly. This knife says Esee but is not made by them, so it doesn't come with the crazy good Esee lifetime warranty, if it did, this knife would probably be the front runner.
Kershaw Skyline, the down side to the skyline is that it probably has the same blade steel as your current M16, the upside is that in my opinion it is a far more ergonomic knife. A much better flipper, has a nice slim pocket profile with a good blade profile. I have one, I have beat the ever loving crap out of it. They come in right around $50
Tangram Santa Fe, ultimately this is the knife I recommend you get. It is a great value for the price. Has Acuto 440 steel, which is supposedly an upgraded version of 440c which is a well regarded blade steel for a hundred years or more. Super smooth thumb stud deployment. Feels really good in your hand, great over all construction. This knife is made by Kizer, and is my current budget folder of choice. I have had my Santa Fe for around a month now, it is holding up very well and still gets carried even though it is a budget folder!
If you really want to upgrade to something with nicer blade steel, I would save that fifty bucks you got burnin a hole in your pocket and wait for another one of Kizer's mid range drops to come back. I have been loving my Kizer Guru that I snagged off here for ~$100 shipped. If you step up into S35VN, or CPM154 blade steel territory you will notice a huge difference in how often you have to sharped. But that is nearly impossible to do in your price range, cept for that Kizer Vigor!
Just my thoughts, sorry for rambling :D Also, how much do you hate that dumb unnecessary locking mechanism on the M16? I hate mine with a passion, decent knife, bad lock! So silly. That's why mine never gets any pocket time anymore.
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LAPG TBFK: good knife, awesome steel.
If you're ok with buying used head on over to and keep an eye out for a good deal.
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Had to up vote you so we can need the same number of up votes lol
The design is amazingly bad. I bought one, the knife is good,but the thumb studs ( on a flipper knife) we're so large they caught on my pocket. In order to clip the knife it had to be turned in order to make room for the studs. Good blade. Bad design.
I have the Cryo and the Blur that I carry everyday, but it is usually the Kershaw Blur.