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What would you do?

I purchased this 40mm Victorinox Alliance ETA 2824-2 based automatic from Touch of Modern for $200 in September. I received it late October (and have posted wrist check shots of the watch).
As it turns out, ToM bait and switched me on the warranty. Their ad said it includes a 2-year manufacturers warranty. The watch came with an unstamped 3-year international warranty card. Today I received an email from them saying it includes a 2-year aftermarket warranty. I have screenshots of the ad showing the original warranty offer.
What would you do? Would you return it because of the the bait-and-switch and because it does not have the manufacturer's warranty, or would you keep it? It's been running fine out of the box, but something could happen in the 2 years. Also, the after market warranty appears to only cover the movement.
Their ad said final sale, no returns so this could wind up as a PayPal dispute, which I fortunately used to make payment. I am deciding what to do and have sent an email to ToM asking them what they're going to do about it.
Lastly, I recommend that you take ToM's deceptive selling practice into consideration before purchasing anything from ToM.
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While I understand it can be a matter of principle and/or a feeling of your trust being taken advantage of, but in practice even If you wear this everyday (while I know you wouldn’t since you have so many other watches) it would still be unlikely that you’d need to exercise warranty as it is such a robust watch.
Tough call. I guess I'd take in to account the MSRP. If a repair job came up outside warranty period would it push total cost past MSRP? If yes then I'd send it back.
I appreciate you posting this and sharing your experience with ToM. The fact that they require you to join their email list before seeing product pages had me really skeptical about them and this seems like another questionable practice by them.
I have recommended them in the past (maybe here, certainly on WUS) but now I will warn people about this. Yes, some will argue it's an isolated incident, but all experiences like this should be taken into account by prospective customers to make an informed decision. Had I known it, I would have made a different decision.
Shenanigans like a bait and switch would have me returning the piece on principle alone, along with a kind note with the options of:
a) suck it b) stuff it c) bite it d) choke on it
sorry for the immature response, but it’s Saturday, and people work way to hard to be thought of foolishly. Retail companies should be honored when a consumer has the faith in them of being the right choice, simply by spending money.
best of luck with it man
Yes, actually that's what I was thinking. I have enjoyed wearing the watch and it's gotten a lot of wrist time. But it's the principle that bothers me. They shouldn't be rewarded with my money for lying to me or their other customers. Had I known it came with an aftermarket warranty, I may still have bought it (I have purchased from grey market sellers) but it was advertised one way that speeded my decision. Still mulling it over and I appreciate your perspective. I could even possibly flip this on eBay for a profit, but that still rewards them.
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