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Which one and why?

I want both but if you HAD to choose, which one would you get and why? Both are Swiss Made, top notch quality, almost same size, comparable movement, and comparable price.


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I'd go with the Marvin too, a little more novel looking.
Update: Went with the Marvin Malton and am pretty happy with it.
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Looks awesome! Great choice.
Thanks. As you can see, the CW has been on my mind for sometime.
Funny that I just got a 15% off promo code from CHWard. Only if that logo hadn’t been moved/changed and was still at 12 o’clock, I’d have jumped on it right this moment!
When I see a Marvin watch, it just makes me want a Magrette. Looks like a finely made watch, but I don't like the design. 24-hour ring is not useful - no 24 hour movement or GMT hand. The seconds ring is also there, but no chronograph function. I could overlook it if it brought to the design together, but I don't dig it.
Ch. Ward has the most original hour and minute hands on a dive watch, but I don't like the hour markers personally. And the trident is a bit too much, but I guess it fits the theme.
The textured look on the dial is cool (for both watches), and I like the new CW logo. Crown guards are toned-down, which is an interesting idea.
It's hard to make a watch like this, without being totally derivative. CW tries having new design elements that look good next to straightforward homages, it takes some guts.
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I like the CW Trident 300 personally. Same looking watch, but the hour markers are Rolex style - I prefer this on a dive watch. The only thing stopping me from buying it, is I that want CW to make a more interesting color scheme.
For the Marvin, I'd prefer the upcoming Magrette Leoncino. It has a Swiss movement, but it's worth mentioning that all their other watches are Miyota. I'm a fan of their designs, but I have never owned one, so I can't vouch for quality.
Thanks. Funny I’ve been eyeing the Leoncino myself, but gravitating towards the Malton more — it’s so refreshingly unique, stylish and playful.
The one on the left is going for a racing look, with the rally strap? It also uses the Nomos Campus Club hour numbering system: 8 - 10 - 12 - 2 - 4. But no "Baja California dial" option.
The CW suffers from trying a little too hard with the hands, especially the hour hand.
I'd go with the "Lee 'The Killers'" Marvin watch.
That Marvin is sharp! I really like the detail on the dial, including the background pattern, the 24 hour and minute rings, and simple slender hands. The contrasting brushed and polished surfaces on the cushion case will look great. You can dress it up or down easily. As mentioned by PetrosD below, I'm not a fan of the 3-date window, but at least they made the right choice by using white print in a black window. The logo is also a clear winner compared to the CW. And I already have a dive watch on a bracelet, so the Marvin wins out for me.
The CW looks like other divers watches I have, so I personally would have no interest in that one. If I had no diver in my collection, I would opt for the diver, but personally I would choose my Squale over a CW every time. I really dislike both the logo placement and their choice of font. It's one of the worst watch logos I can think of.
The Marvin is much more unique and would give my own collection a very different look. I like the patterned dial, but I've never liked date windows where multiple dates are displayed. I am also not at all familiar with that brand. Still, I would choose this one.
These two are quite different characters. The ChWard is clearly a tool watch with the heavy diver influence. The Marvin is nice, with a gentlemanly mannerism with that soft cushion case, and patterned dial. I really like what Ward is doing lately as a brand though, and all signs point to them making a very fine watch, with service to match, but if you have a diver already, do you need another. The Marvin is different and not something you see often. It's likely a good brand, even though it is a "New" company as of 2007, and operates with the original owners blessings and agreement. The Marvin is cool
I like your analysis my friend. One issue I’ve with the Ward is the 9 o’clock placement of the brand name. It looked much better when it was at the 12 o’clock.
It looked much better when it was ChWard. The logo design, size, and placement are all something I have minor issue with.
One on the right
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