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Should I pull the trigger on TAG Heuer Quartz?

I have had my eye on a TAG Heuer watch for a long time (25 five years in fact since I first saw one while traveling in Hong Kong). I am after the Aquaracer and I can afford the quartz version, and love the looks of the watch, but wonder a little if I should save my pennies and get the automatic version. I have a beginning watch collection consisting of a Seiko SARB017 Alpinist, Seiko presage SARY055 and a Glycine Combat 6 Vintage. All are automatics.
It would sort of be nice to have the convience of a quartz and that is truly what I have the budget for, but would be interested in the opinions of the knowledgeable people on this site.

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FWIW, I own two quartz TAG-Heuers and one quartz Omega, and none of them are worn as much as my auto TAG-Heuers or Christoper Wards. Once I bought my first bargain automatic (a Seiko SRP Orange Monster), I never bought another >$500 quartz watch. I got hooked on automatics. BTW, Massdrop frequently offers Wolf winders at a pretty decent discount, which reduces much of the hassle of wearing an automatic watch on an intermittent basis.
Thanks for the perspective. I got to thinking about it and part of what I love about watches is the precision and intricacy of the timepiece. Saving for an automatic wins - and it really isn't a contest - now that I have thought through the "why" of what I want!
I have the glycine combat 6 vintage, a couple cheap watches and a tag heuer aquaracer chrono quartz. I got the tag for my 18th bday and i got the quartz because i wanted a chrono, the chrono auto was out of budget, but i could have bought the auto without chrono. I didn't know much about watches back then and i liked that it was cheaper to service. I regret everyday buying the quartz, and i won't sell it because low resell value and sentimental attachment, but 3 years is the max the battery will last, and in an official AD battery change + hermetism will cost you arround 40 $, and i doubt the whole system will last more than 50 years, so, in my opinion, a quartz in the 1000$ must be something very unique to be worth it. Wait a bit and get the auto, and the pleasure of the swep instead the tik is worth the difference!
Great advice and I am going to take it:-). I think it is worth it to save up for the automatic! Thanks!
If i can save you a regret, i'm glad you take it! Here to help
If you‘ve desired this piece that long, your probably better to hold out for the automatic frankly. It represents definitively THE watch you want. Depending on the year of manufacture, look to make sure it has a quick date set
I will say however, as pointed out by others, the ease and convenience of a quartz is certainly very nice though. If your a guy that likes a watch on no matter the occasion, quartz are real grab and go.
Cheers on the hunt
I guess the next question is, would you buy an automatic watch with non-hacking seconds, I have a couple of those, and if you're not too obsessive, they are kind of nice in that you can set the time in just a few seconds without waiting for the minute to come around. If you just ignore the second hand, you can set the minute hand mid-minute to plus-or-minus 5 or 10 seconds by using a loupe and eyeballing where it's pointing. It's especially fast if there is no day/date.
And non-hand-windable automatics are kind of an adventure in that if they have a power reserve indicator, it's actually useful and fun to keep an eye on, until it reaches full.
I have several quartz watches but find I rarely wear them. I have run out the door grabbing a quartz to have the correct time with no time to set an automatic. But if you have wanted a Tag for 25 years, you should save and get the one you really want. Don't scratch the itch only to find that it still itches.
I personally wouldn't see myself getting a quartz with a big seconds hand. I could consider a small subsecond or no seconds hand, but one with a large second hand that I can always see its jumpiness, would be a turn off for me. It's nevertheless a good looking watch.
I have one quartz that I was thinking of getting rid of, but it occurred to me that it's useful to have one quartz watch so you have a go-to watch for when you're running out the door to an important appointment and you don't have time to set your watch, or you otherwise just need to be sure you know the correct time. I can't count the number of times that I've put on an automatic and then realized that the time shown bears no relation to reality.
But the price difference in this case is about $650, so if you want the automatic, maybe you should wait.
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Perusing the Aragon website I stumbled across the Aragon Gauge Automatic, The specs: 55 mm by 23 mm thick, 14.3 oz, 26 mm bracelet. What an insane watch. $180.
Indeed, way outside of my parameters...I am more inclined towards Aragon's modest and simpler lines. I'm loving the Fusion I got a few weeks ago. 44mm X 11mm . Screw down crown and 200meters WR. The more I look at it the more I like it.
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