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Eldritch Moon Sealed, what did you play this prerelease?

Hey everyone, creating this thread to chronicle the decks that were made over the past weekend. Hopefully we'll be getting a deck builder tool to showcase the decks that you all make every day but for now we have to use the magical written word to talk about the latest tech.
A bit of background, I don't really like Eldritch Moon. I think the set is sort of meh, but I guess I need to lower my expectations for cards that are being printed in this new 2 set per block meta. (Wizards please reprint the off color fetches and give us a better Liliana :D ) However I really enjoyed shadows! It was a refreshing change after the BFZ - eldrazi heavy block - and gave a much needed buff to my favorite archetype, white weenie.
So! What did I play over the prerelease?! RB Vampires! A bit of a departure from what I normally play, I love playing Selesnya and I really wanted to play a Bant deck but unfortunately the only mythics that I pulled were Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, Tree of Perdition, and Decimator of the Provinces (Tamiyo, you will be mine). The guy next to me pulled a prerelease Gisela in a kit that I passed to him so I was a little salty when I started building. I started off with a GR werewolves deck but my green pool was really meh, and my red had no werewolves or wolves so I pivoted to RB with all my vampires. The biggest reason I moved in was due to the fact that I had 2 Stensia Banquets and 3 of Olivia's Dragoon which was a card that I was not originally impressed with. As it turns out, having a madness enabler that doubles as a really efficient flyer can do wonders.
I'll post pictures of the entire deck later tonight, I liked it but I think GW is still the strongest in limited even with all these new Eldritch additions. I ended up going 2-1, losing to a GW deck :) Great prerelease on the whole, but not as good as SOI imo!
Now, let's see those pulls and your decks!
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I didn't open the best set of cards but overall I still had a great time at my pre-release. I ended up going 2 -1 by the end of the night; so hard for me to complain.
I ended up making a B-R Vampire deck... or at least as much of one as I could make. 5 cards were core to my game plan: - Furyblade Vampire - Falkenrath Gorger - Distemper of the Blood - Uncaged Fury - Malevolent Whispers
The idea was to get out an early Furyblade Vampire & Falkenrath Gorger. From there I would discard vampires to buff my Furyblade and use Madness to summon more Vampires. Once I got opponents down to 10-15 life (mostly tapped out) I would buff my Furyblade with a discard, Distemper, and Uncaged for one last final blow.
The Malevolent Whispers was not part of my core win condition but it did give me a second option for some quick extra dmg. In one of my games I was able to top deck one and grab a clutch win (1 life left - gg next turn) -- taking my opponents buffed up (8/7) Gisela, the Broken Blade and pairing it with my Uncaged Fury to deal a devastating 18 dmg to face.
My Pre-release cards of note were Tree of Perdition (dated foil), and Tamiyo (non-foil).
I wound up putting together a WB deck which lead me to a 0-1-2 (Win-Draw-Loss) record. I primarily lost against people putting together GR decks, which in retrospect I should have also put together, but I enjoy playing a bit differently.
My deck consisted of: Ingenious Skaab Just The Wind Enlightened Maniac Emissary of the Sleepless Repel the Abominable Thalia's Lancers Geist of the Archives Steadfast Cathar Jace's Scrutiny Chaplain's Blessing Fiend Binder Fogwalker Choking Restraints Chilling Grasp Nahiri's Machinations Niblis of Dusk Docent of Perfection Lone Rider Eternal Scourge Desperate Sentry Ironclad Slayer Cathar's Shield Invocation of Saint Traft
The Chaplain's Blessing was in there solely to ensure I could transform Lone Rider, which wound up leading me to a victory in one game when I lucked out and was able to play and transform him by turn 3. I also really enjoyed the Invocation of Saint Traft + Fogwalker pairing and it would have lead me to a 1-1-1 series if my opponent hadn't drawn a kill card (destroy target creature).