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Rigging knives

I'd like to see a drop for a good rigging knife: sheeps' head blade and a Marlon spike at minimum. Does anyone have any solid recommendations for a quality rigging knife with those options?
Ollie2405 and namhod

Check out the fox sailing and sailing frn, the stainless is extremely rust resistant and it has a small marlin spike
My grandpa had a Camillus rigging knife that was probably 70 years old. Wish I had it, no idea what happened to it.
Camillus has a solid reputation, they are fairly inexpensive knives. For me when I am out on a sailboat I don't want to whip out an expensive knife that may slip out of my fingers and skitter into the drink never to be seen again. They are normally in a lower end steel that is fairly easy to sharpen. So you don't have to worry about the hard use they will definitely see.
I am sure there are many other brands out there that make a rigging knife, I think some linesman knives have a marlin spike on them as well.