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Maybe this is a dumb question but what is the hardest blade type? I purchased quite a few knives, but the blades all seem too soft to use as a work knife. I need something that can handle some abuse without instantly twisting the edge off if I need to use it as a screwdriver or similar misuse and that is cheap enough that if it does break I'm not bankrupt. Does such a knife exist?

get a leatherman. don't abuse knives.
I'm with Namhod on the multi-tool recommendation...knives are, typically and by design, only good at cutting stuff. Using a knife for other purposes like prying, hammering, turning screws, etc. will almost always result in damage, regardless of the material.
That said...if you HAD to...maybe a D2 steel in a tanto style blade would be your least-worst option.
Nope. Cuz knives aren't screwdrivers.
Sounds like you would be much better off looking at a multitool, Leatherman Wave, Surge, Juice. All good models. You will have a useable blade as well as a real screwdriver so you don't destroy your knife!