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Post your board game collection!

What collection of board games have you been building up over the years?
Which of your board games are you most itching to play again?
Here's my collection that's been 10 years in the making:
Notably missing are Quantum (1st edition) and Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, both of which I keep on my desk at the office and am hoping to play some time soon.

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Started from Pandemic now we're here.
Great topic, and great collections! I'm actually getting ready to downsize (even though my tendencies are to fight against it as long as possible), so can't contribute. The best thing for my purchasing habits was when Thought Hammer closed down. Kickstarter is threatening to pull me back in, however...
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I don't know that I have any right now, other than the ones my family will play with me, and the ones I can play by byself- Carcassonne ,Fluxxx, the Tiny Epic games, and some two player games like Citadel. The others are just sitting around- I haven't even punched most of them, since when I was actually able to play, we mostly played my friends' copies.
Just to chime in on the solo games comment -- Agricola is actually really fun to play solo too.
My Collection started when I got Panzer Leader in 1976. It is now 700, Euros take up around 100 of that. Greatest amount of acquisition has been since I setup the game den 4 years ago..about 1 new game a month

My own collection is about 3 years in the making, mostly begun by the very drop that brought me here: the complete (at the time) collection of Dominion. Since, it's been fueled by this site, Kickstarter, and some awesome local game shops. =D Lately, Ascension: Storm of Souls (with the Immortal Heroes expansion), Quarriors, and Tzolk'in have been well-played.

I've listed my collection on BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/auzzy

And here's a picture of a large portion of it:
Acquire, what a great game! I don't see people with it too often.
One day, I will not wake up. Thats what my friends always say when they come over.
They might be right - these shelves look too flimsy for such load >.<
Well I moved out and now I am safe and sound with my new set up.
I have a shocking confession to make: although I grew up on board and role playing games (D&D, Car Wars, Star Fleet Battles, OGRE, Avalon Hill wargames like D-Day), I hadn't played them in nearly 30 years after getting into guitar and music in middle school and high school...

Then along comes Massdrop's Hobby Shop category, and in the course of barely a year, I have been thoroughly and hopelessly sucked down the rabbit hole, and have become an abject Collector. Similar to my book, videogame and movie habits, I've somehow sunk to the depths of researching, hoarding, organizing, and compiling lists of Haves & Wants, spending far more time curating and stockpiling than even consuming or enjoying.

I have even found myself obsessing over game inserts, organization solutions and sleeving... The abyss grows ever deeper.

Sadly, there is no AA for boardgame collecting.

My only hope is to find some fellow human beings in my locale to help me actually play some of these games, so I can call myself an actual practicing Gamer, and redeem myself from the purgatory of Collecting...

Redemption begins with honesty and accountability, so here I catalog my sins:

Games owned + storage solutions: nearly all thanks to Massdrop!!!
+Catan: artbin box
+Game of thrones: Plano 3600
+Star wars x-wing : feldherr maxi
+Star wars imperial assault: broken token insert
+Star wars Armada: feldherr maxi
+Battlestar galactica: broken token insert
+Star realms: box
+Android netrunner : broken token insert  (Expansions: What Lies Ahead, Cyber Exodus, 2nd Thoughts)
+King of Tokyo: broken token insert
+Seven wonders bundle: broken token insert
+Seven wonders: duel
+Dominion collection: art box - prosperity, hinterlands, alchemy, dark ages, intrigue, guilds, hobby lobby box
+D and D lords of waterdeep, scoundrels of skullport - BrokenToken insert
+Gears of war: Plano 3860
+Gloom: double deck box case
+Pandemic bundle
+Mage knight: broken token insert + Lost Legion
+Zombicide season 3 rue morgue - Plano 3500 and thin Plano + game insert ordered from Go7Gaming
+Hive: custom box
+Sushi go
+Love letter
+Mansions of madness: Plano 4600
+Betrayal at the house on hill
+Power grid: trays + Plano small boxes x2
+Galaxy trucker: Plano 3600
+Puerto Rico: Plano 3600
+Space alert: Plano 3650
+Roll for the galaxy: broken token insert
+Eldritch Horror: Daedalus insert
+Descent: Plano 7771 + expansions
+Robinson Crusoe: Plano 3500 and 2 ultra pro deck boxes
+Alchemists - Plano 3650
+Eclipse: Daedalus insert  + ordered Go7Gaming trays
+Merchants and Marauders: GameGuard.eu insert
+Dixit bundle: GameGuard.eu insert
+Bloodrage: ordered insert from Go7Gaming
+We didn't play test this at all
+Coup + expansion
+Exploding Kittens
+Ultimate werewolf 
+Ticket to Ride +1910 expansion 
+Space hulk 4th and 1st edition
+One night ultimate werewolf
+One night ultimate werewolf daybreak
+Car wars
+Code names
+SmashUp Complete Collection
+Zombicide: Black Plague - insert ordered from Go7Gaming
+Dead of winter 
+The Others: 7 sins

Want to get:
Pandemic legacy
Twilight struggle
Through the ages a new story of civilization
Caverna the cave Farmers 
Twilight imperium -- too long? +shattered empire
Terra mystic
Agricola + farmer of moor
Mystic vale
Dead of winter : long night
Martians story of civilization 
Castles of burgundy
War of the ring
Dominion seaside, cornucopia, adventures , empires
Le Havre
Race for galaxy + Rebel vs imperium 
Tzolkin Mayan calendar
Eclipse rise of ancients
Key flower
The Resistance + Avalon 
Star Wars rebellion 
Mice and Mystics
Cash n guns
Clash of cultures
Snake oil
Time stories
Kingdom death monster
Cargo noir
Small world 
Cthulhu wars
The gallerist
Dominant species
Voyages of Marco Polo 
El grande
Tigris and Euphrates 
Alien frontiers
Dungeon lords
Chaos in old world
Five tribes
Neuroshoma hex
Pathfinder rise of rune lords
Dungeon Petz
Letters from white chapel
Castles mad kind Ludwig
Mage wars arena
Manhattan project
Sherlock Holmes consulting detective 
Legendary encounters: alien 
Specter Ops
Heroes of normandie
Sheriff on Nottingham 
Forbidden stars
Dungeon time
Mysterium + hidden signs
Cosmic Encounter
Battle lore
Star Trek frontiers
Mr Jack
Nexus ops
Gladiator: quest for the rudis 
Robo rally
Steam time
Legends of andor 
Giga Robo?
Massive darkness
Food chain magnate

Miniatures-based games that are lust-worthy:
Drop zone commander
Dead zone
Infinity - operation ice storm
Dust tactics
Battle tech
Sedition wars?
Cry havoc

Passed on:
Forbidden Island -- too similar to Pandemic, etc.
Machi Koro -- too simple
Talisman -- totally fun, but luckily a friend own's a copy I can play :)
Are you on Board Game Geek? It's a MUST stop for all addicts!!!!
I've had to build two sets of shelves this year to house the burgeoning collection. The centerpiece are the games I own in the bgg top 200. The miniature and card games shelves have two more levels I need to prep and mount, which should happen in the next few weeks. The 4 foot the tier is my oldest shelving, and houses worker placement/tile laying/kids and the ever popular etcetera.

Not appearing include food chain magnate, broom service, and several other less notable titles. Addiction is a good thing, right?
I don't know about good, but in this case, it's a beautiful thing indeed.
Here's my collection after about 15 years in the hobby.

How's Spector Ops? That one is on the forefront of my radar right now.
Love it as a 2 player game. 3 is the same game just with a extra player that adds extra time. Haven't played with more.

There's some overlap in the pictures. I took them about a year ago for my game group so they could use it as reference to pick out games for me to bring. Because it's a year old some games aren't in the picture yet. Several GMT games (American Civil War, Liberty or Death, and Genesis), AH's Empire in Arms, Scythe, Shadows of Brimstone, Splendor, and a few others.
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It was my iPad ;-). She doesn't own any electronics that are less than ten years old except for her flip phone. She's got a great music system and tons of vinyl because she never made the leap to CD's. Anyway, the storage is two 5x5 and a2x4 IKEA Expedit shelving units in a 9'x9' room that is also home to my painting table.
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That is some serious setup! Color me jealous ;O)