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How does Seiko make THESE at the prices they do?

Two new Seiko Cocktail Time models, the SSA361/SRPC01 "Starlight" and the SSA363/SRPC03 "Sakura Fubuki" (That's a mouth full!) Based off of the cocktails of the STAR BAR in Ginza Tokyo. A lot of marketing hyperbole, but man if these aren't good looking watches!

The guillloche work on the dials is again just magnificent, Seiko just really knows how to do well textured dials (And Crazy good lume!). SSA is a power reserve dial, SRPC no power reserve, the movements being the somewhat basic 4R series, but they are tried and true movements non the less. It's crazy they do watches like these for under $650 (msrp), and it's too bad these are again limited edition models

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someone buy me a starlight plskthx.
I did purchased the blue dial with the power reserve and is on the way (SARY087). I’m very glad tha seiko is keeping this kind of texture dial under the presage line and not under the GS line. Don’t get me wrong the snow flakes it’s stoning but out of my reach ($$$). But the presage price point it’s right on my alley. Now i’m looking to buy that beautifull guilloche cream dial instead of the SARB035
I was at a watch store tonight (a concession inside a non-high-end department store), and there really wasn't much in the way of automatics. The most interesting thing I saw was a limited edition Tuna with a deep blue dial and blue around the perimeter of the bezel, but raw stainless on the top. So the blue was just peeking though where the shroud didn't cover the sides.
What seems to be big for men are large-dial, super sparkly black watch faces, although the sparkly may be from strategic case lighting. And also, there seems to be a trend in white watches for both men and women, white bands and cases and dials.
I hadn't looked at G-Shock in a while, There are some really elaborate and expensive looking ones now.
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watch brand/name?
Mass production. They put cheaper worse movement 4R instead of 6R and spent money on sweet dials.
they look good on those pictures, but i would err caution. wait for them to come out and look at video reviews on youtube before buying.
I first saw these I salivated a little.
I feel like Seiko has really hit the sweet spot of price, design and fit & finish with its Presage range. The fit and finish on my two Presage watches (both sub-$700) is in no way inferior to that of watches in my collection in the four-figure range.
The SKX series divers are often held up as poster boys for value. Those are great utilitarian watches, but the fit and finish on them are about what you would expect of that price range or maybe a little better.
In my book though, the Presage line blows the SKX divers out of the water when it comes to value. As far as I can tell, the only difference between Presage watches and many watches priced at four figures is not having "Swiss Made" on the dial and not having a COSC certificate.
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I see your point, but this is in no way a tool watch and I cant imagine any downside to sapphire on this watch. I think this is one of the best looking watches around, but I have a hard time with the price when I put it next to say a victorinox with superior materials and movement in basically every category for under $300. I want to love this watch, but it seems overpriced and undermade.
Yes - totally agree with sapphire on this particular watch. A 6R movement in this would have been nice, but the 4R is perfectly acceptable. I suppose it comes down to how much value you place on the dial. I haven't seen these in person, but from all accounts the dials are stellar.
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